Can clonazepam (chlorazepam) be so fast? 3

I stopped Zoloft after 6 weeks (4 @ 0.25 and then 2 @ 50 mg) due to side effects. That was 3 weeks ago. So for the last 3 weeks I have taken 0.5 mg chlorazepam as required. Clorazepam has worked for me (primarily for sleep / general anxiety) and I have replaced Tylenol PM from time to time. I decided not to use chlorazepam for 3 days as my symptoms subsided and I slept better. So I became very kingly, trembling and muttering and crushing my jaw and muscles. I took another 0.5 yes, but to no avail. I went to my GP because Zoloft was not working and Chlorazepam was still alive, he prescribed Metroprolol 25 mg for possible physical problems and not for anxiety. You're right, I'm not scared, I'm just Shaw, true Shaw and it affects my arm / hand / mouth movement. I don't feel stressed. No suggestions?

Metroprolol is a selective beta blocker that lowers adrenaline.

Clonazepam (Clonazepam) 0.5 mg per day is a very small dose. Physical dependence (unlike ion) may occur at this point, but it is rare, especially with small doses that are usually taken once a day.

Many of the symptoms you have described are related to the closure of benzodiazepines. Zoloft antidepressant and dust syndrome may also be a part of this.

Another beta blocker, propranolol, is an unselected beta blocker. Because it is not selective, it has a greater effect on adrenaline and intestinal stenin and norepinephrine. So it can be very helpful in reducing anxiety. It is widely used to reduce shocks. Psychologists often prescribe propranolol from other medications such as lithium to reduce tremors and convulsions.

You can ask your doctor to change your beta blocker (although beta blockers usually reduce the physical symptoms of anxiety, not feelings of anxiety).

And it's not a good idea to ignore benzodiazepines. It may be best to take a small dose of benzodiazepines in a few days to properly detoxify. 25 mg (diazepam) twice a day for several days can help stop the medication and reduce muscle movement. Used best when the file is paused. Clonpen is not suitable for heavy locking.

I would also like to ask your doctor if they think stopping Zoloft was part of the problem.

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Clonpen is only given in high doses. You have a diet that makes little difference. Usually 1 mg or 2 mg is the treatment dose for anxiety syndrome. It is very efficient and durable. You may feel a little drowsy at first, but these side effects will go away in a few weeks. You are worried because you are a worried person by nature! Clonazepam is given in much larger doses to control seizures than anxiety. Try to be calm. I've been using these things for 20 years and often leave them for a month when I don't feel the need. I never felt like I had ions. (And ... cheap!) This is an old healing medicine that many people have tried. So let it work for you and trust your PDOC.