Clo4 Lewis Structure

Clo4 Lewis Structure

What is the Lewis structure for perchlorate ion?

If you draw the Lewis structure of ClO4 (1), the first structure will be Cl with 4 single bonded oxygen. This results in a regular charge of +3 for chlorine and four charges of 1 "1 for each oxygen for a total charge of 4 ions). However, when adding 3 oxygen double bonds to chlorine, the chlorine Regular charge is 0 (required), each oxygen double bond has a regular charge of 0, and oxygen single bonds have a charge. Formal - 1. The number of formal charges is also equal to 1 (where 5 atoms of ion The regular charge of 4 of 0. is 0. v and 14, and the non-metallic element with atomic numbers v and 14 can have more than 4 harmonious bonds (because the local bonds are free), so the best Lewis structure is chlorine to the central atom. Use as 3 double oxygen and 1 single bond oxygen

Lewis structure of perchlorate.

Ionic perchlorate

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What is the Lewis structure of perchlorate ion?

For ClO4 while reducing formal costs?

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Clo4 Lewis Structure