Definition of Clo:

  1. Relative measure of insulation heat generation capacity. A garment is defined as a person who needs a comfortable (sitting) garment to live in an environment with a temperature of 21 ° C (70 ° F), a relative humidity of less than 50 and There is an indefinite sense of relief. The wind is 250 cm. The lowest total value (0) applies to naked people per second or approximately 0. 0.9 km per hour (approximately 20 feet per minute or more than half a mile per hour) Applies to clothing (fur pants, jackets, hoods, gloves, etc.). The average total cost of winter clothing (which weighs approximately 6.6 pounds) is 1, and that of summer clothing (which weighs approximately 3.90 pounds) is 0.6. One kilo is equal to 1.55 tog. See also evaluation.

How to use Clo in a sentence?

  1. You should always seek a high level of protection when trying to make your workplace comfortable.
  2. I want to see how the CLO works, how hot it is and what I show my friends.
  3. The CLO of the material is sufficient for the manufacture of low temperature products in this region.

Meaning of Clo & Clo Definition