Clip-art: What is the Meaning of Clip-art?

Ready-to-use computer graphic images that computer users can copy to add to their documents.

Literal Meanings of Clip-art


Meanings of Clip:
  1. A flexible device or spring is used to hold one or more objects together or in place.

  2. Metal holder that holds cartridges for automatic firearms.

  3. Secure or secure with paper clips or paper clips.

  4. Cutting or trimming (hair, plants, etc.) with scissors or scissors.

  5. Be careful or through the display.

  6. Cheating or stealing.

  7. He moves fast.

  8. A short series of movies or shows.

  9. Swipe or smart preview.

  10. A certain speed or speed of movement, especially if it is fast.

Sentences of Clip
  1. Remove the two clips and lift the lid

  2. I shoot twice but the magazine is empty.

  3. She wore a pair of diamond earrings.

  4. I cut the fence.

  5. Car cut floor

  6. In all the years he ran the store, he was hacked only 3 times.

  7. We crossed the road

  8. I gave him the whole clip.

Synonyms of Clip

fix, run into, brush, snippet, wallop, crop, ■■■■ into, selection, neaten, velocity, pin, tidy up, mow, affix, shorten, crack into/against, prune, sock, excerpt, knock, fastener, skelp, moment, haircut, cut short/shorter, fair old rate, coupler


Meanings of Art:
  1. The expression or application of human imagination and creativity, often in visual forms such as paintings or sculptures, results in works that are primarily judged on their beauty or emotional strength.

  2. Study programs are primarily concerned with human creativity and social life, such as language, literature, and history (as opposed to science or engineering).

  3. Ability to do things that are usually gained through practice.

  4. Ancient dialect or second person singular.

  5. Accessories.

Sentences of Art
  1. Renaissance art

  2. The belief that art and science are contradictory.

  3. I am a man like you

Synonyms of Art

deftness, talent, knack, ingenuity, dexterousness, adroitness, proficiency, artistry, gift, expertness, flair, technique, know-how, aptitude, craft, fine art, adeptness, cleverness, capability, genius