Client facing

Client facing,

Definition of Client facing:

  1. A position that requires an employee to work with customers on a face-to-face basis. This model of doing business not only allows the employee to get a better gauge of a customers needs, but it also helps to build the customer-employee relationship.

  2. Client-facing jobs can include serving as a personal financial planner, in which the client discusses and explains their goals and investment needs. Both parties use this interaction to decide if or how the needs can be met.

  3. A client-facing role is one wherein an employee interacts directly with a customer, sometimes in person. Client-facing functions are important and are used to understand the client's needs or to solve problems a computer or automated software would have too much difficulty doing. Many companies will attempt to automate or outsource this function if it can save money and time.

How to use Client facing in a sentence?

  1. These roles can help understand what customers are looking for and help to solve problems for companies.
  2. Client facing generally refers to activities that involve direct interaction with a client.
  3. Client facing roles include door greeters, personal financial planners, and realtors.

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