Client Employer

Client Employer,

What is Client Employer?

  • A simple definition of Client Employer is: View the synonyms key terms client company

Literal Meanings of Client Employer


Meanings of Client:
  1. Any person or organization that uses the services of a lawyer or other professional or company.

  2. (On a network) A desktop computer or workstation that can receive information and applications from a server.

  3. (In ancient Rome) Citizen under the protection of an elder.

Sentences of Client
  1. Insurance that suits the specific needs of the customers

  2. The client workstation is easy to install

  3. In ancient Rome, clients were imprisoned by their excellent guardians.

Synonyms of Client

purchaser, consumer, user, customer, shopper, buyer


Synonyms of Employer

proprietor, managing director, chief executive, manageress, head man, president, head woman, principal, manager, director, patron, boss