How Do You Define Click-through/clickthrough/'clickthru?

When someone clicks on an ad on a web page that leads them to the advertiser's website. See PPC.

Literal Meanings of Click-through/clickthrough/'clickthru


Meanings of Click:
  1. A small, loud key or an instant connection of two hard objects.

  2. Select options on the electronic interface by pressing a button or touching the screen.

  3. When you turn the mind contact button or two hard objects, you make a short, loud noise.

  4. Select (options on electronic interface) by pressing a button or touching the screen.

  5. Suddenly, everything becomes clear or understandable.

Sentences of Click
  1. He heard a knock on the door

  2. It is normal to click to select items

  3. The door was locked

  4. Double click the left mouse button

Synonyms of Click

come home to one, snick, register, sink in, pop, become clear, make sense, snap, fall into place, chink, get through, clack, tick, clink, dawn


Meanings of Through:
  1. Move to one side and to the other (opening, channel or location).

  2. Continue in time to complete (for an action or period).

  3. Checking all or part (of a collection, inventory or publication)

  4. Path (action or intermediate step)

  5. Up to and including (a special point of the requested order)

  6. Express movement from one side of the opening, channel or location to the other.

  7. Take timely action until the end of an action, period, etc.

  8. View the publication or document in whole or in part.

  9. Connect by phone.

Sentences of Through
  1. He went through the door of the room

  2. Published in the middle of the second half

  3. I slipped on the pages

  4. Dioxin enters breast milk through contaminated food

  5. It will be held in the city from March 24 to May 7

  6. As soon as we opened the door, they entered

  7. He recently started a tour that will keep him busy until June

  8. Call the senator

Synonyms of Through

by way of, across, the whole time, to the far side of, from one side of … to the other, as a result of, by, throughout, terminated, in and out the other end, by dint of, uninterrupted, with the aid of, by virtue of, continuously, from side to side, with the assistance of, done, because of, on account of, constantly, all the time, non-stop, without an interruption, along


Meanings of Clickthrough:
  1. Ability to process or hypertext links to specific websites, especially commercial websites.

Sentences of Clickthrough
  1. You can click on the entire book on the website