Clerical error

Clerical error,

Definition of Clerical error:

  1. A mistake made in copying or writing out a document.

  2. Usually minor, inadvertent negligence in computing a figure, or recording or copying a fact or statement. Also called clerical mistake.

How to use Clerical error in a sentence?

  1. The administrative assistant�s clerical error while taking phone messages resulted in a missed meeting between the boss and a client.
  2. Unfortunately what I received was an education lacking in concern, severely dated and administered by a system plagued with clerical errors.
  3. When I was going through my most recent tax return information, I noticed a clerical error in my 2014 income.
  4. Because of a major clerical error on the part of the teller, the bank accidentally transferred 100,000 dollars into my account instead of 1,000 dollars.

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