Definition of Clearing:

  1. Banking: See check clearing.

  2. Importing: Release of a shipment after approval of its shipping documents and customs entry, and payment of duties and taxes, if any.

  3. Securities: Procedure through which a stock exchange agency or affiliate validates, delivers, and settles all trades.

  4. General: Satisfaction of the requirements of a due process.

  5. Futures and options: Procedure through which a clearing house acts as a counter-party to every trade and assures financial integrity of each contract.

  6. An open space in a forest, especially one cleared for cultivation.

Synonyms of Clearing

Lebensraum, Absolution, Acquittal, Acquittance, Air space, Aperture, Back country, Breaking out, Broaching, Cavity, Chasm, Check, Cleaning out, Clear space, Clearance, Cleft, Compurgation, Corn field, Crack, Cultivated land, Defecation, Depletion, Desert, Destigmatization, Destigmatizing, Disburdening, Discharge, Discharging cargo, Disclosure, Disculpation, Disembarrassment, Disembroilment, Disencumbrance, Disengagement, Disentanglement, Disinvolvement, Dislodgment, Dismissal, Distant prospect, Drainage, Draining, Egress, Elimination, Empty view, Emptying, Evacuation, Excretion, Exculpation, Excuse, Exhausting, Exhaustion, Exoneration, Explanation, Extrication, Fenestra, Field, Fistula, Fontanel, Foramen, Forgiveness, Freeing, Gap, Gape, Gat, Glade, Gulf, Hayfield, Hiatus, Hole, Hollow, Inlet, Interval, Justification, Lacuna, Laying open, Leak, Living space, Off-loading, Open country, Open space, Opening, Opening up, Orifice, Outback, Outlet, Paddy, Parcel of land, Pardon, Passageway, Patch, Piece of land, Plain, Plat, Plot, Pore, Prairie, Purgation, Purging, Quietus, Quittance, Rationalization, Rehabilitation, Reinstatement, Release, Releasing, Remission, Removal, Restoration, Rice paddy, Slot, Space, Split, Steppe, Stoma, Terrain, Territory, Throwing open, Tract, Uncluttering, Uncorking, Unhampering, Unknotting, Unloading, Unraveling, Unscrambling, Unsnarling, Unstopping, Untangling, Venting, Verdict of acquittal, Vindication, Voidance, Voiding, Wheat field, Wide-open spaces, Wilderness, Yawn, Glade, Dell, Space, Gap, Opening

How to use Clearing in a sentence?

  1. We do not any longer accept checks for products at our employee store because there was a problem with checks clearing .
  2. I recently contacted my bank regarding their clearing policy relating to holds placed upon personal and business checks deposited to my account.
  3. Forest openings and clearings and agricultural areas are also good habitat for the Western Bluebird.
  4. Many stores have a check clearing policy stating that a refund cannot be provided until enough time has passed to allow the funds from the check to be removed from the bank account, assuring that the check is not fraudulent.

Meaning of Clearing & Clearing Definition