Definition of Clear:

  1. no way.

  2. Show (someone) innocence or officially declare.

  3. Accounting: (1) Assets are free from claims, benefits and expenses, such as an independent and non-territorial area. (2) Profitable, because the company earned million 1 million in the last quarter.

  4. (A fixed amount of money) net.

  5. Don't stay away from

  6. Free from obstructions or unwanted objects.

  7. The sound shows the parasitic form of L (like most English accent leaves).

  8. Easy to see, understand or interpret.

  9. Bank: To perform the bank's check clearing cycle.

  10. Move anywhere (obstruction or unwanted item).

  11. Remove any obstructions or one or more unwanted objects.

  12. Move or step aside.

  13. Official approval or approval a.

  14. Pass (some) safely or without touching it.

  15. Earn or earn as net income (some amount).

  16. (Matter) Transparent, not cloudy.

Synonyms of Clear

Booming, Utterly, Ski jump, Cast out, Transparent, Distilled, Pay up, Exempt, Discernible, Uncombined, Fruiting, Sensible, Broad-based, Easy to understand, Rid of, Pronounced, Rise above, Close, Public, Unimpeded, Bounce, Pocket, Outlaw, Unconfused, Through-and-through, Unhesitating, Blow out, Afloat, Go on, Transparent, Articulate, Ubiquitous, Fresh, Determinate, Bright, Unprevented, Open, Win, Unengaged, Bleached, Set in order, Leap over, Deport, Dovelike, Unfixed, Finished, See-through, Earn, Go above, Clean, Discharge, Universal, Crisp, Screen, Elide, Hop, Discernibly, Footloose and fancy-free, Natural, Root out, Cash in on, Beyond, Explain, On the loose, Abroad, Grant immunity, Guiltless, Clean up, Indisputable, Unmingled, Decontaminate, Seeable, Uncovered, Do justice to, Unroll, Sweep out, Graspable, Clear of, Cast off, Amnesty, Away from, Undone, Crystal-clear, Clear, Radiantly, Pellucid, Sift, Serene, Leave the ground, Explicit, Fair, Disembroil, Solve, All abroad, Throw overboard, Clear, Tasteful, Fixed, Sweeping, Negotiate, Pounce upon, Pervasive, Make the grade, Not guilty, Clear away, Undisputed, Direct, Remove, Fully, Crystal clear, Undefiled, Quite, Comprehensive, Explicit, Succeed in, Prospering, Lightsome, Overleap, Clear as crystal, In full swing, In good case, Intelligible, Essentialize, Unhindered, Liberated, Prelapsarian, Unhandicapped, Exonerate, Get shut of, Glib, Mickey Mouse, Untie, Untinged, Make money by, Account for, Uncompounded, Secure, Unstuck, Void, Convinced, Spiritualize, Without exception, Flat-out, Flat, Unembarrassed, Clear the decks, Tear loose, Implicit, Dominate, Emancipated, Reproachless, Sure-enough, Omnibus, Worry along, Light-pervious, Jump, Well-marked, Pay the shot, Disencumber, Quite, Clear the hurdle, Profit, Make accounts square, Gain by, Dismiss, Overt, Absolved, Illuminate, Lustrous, Unfastened, Comprehensible, Untied, Capriole, Clear-cut, Honor, Free, Exempt from, Elute, Curvet, Muddle through, Pellucid, Unobstructed, Shrive, Floating, Perceptive, Unquestioned, Hollow, Absolute, Soft, Realize on, Easy as pie, Astray, Crystal clear, Legible, Pay in full, Upleap, Give permission, Insipid, Gauzy, Straight, Audible, Unquestionable, Commercialize, Predestined, Unindebted, Exposed, Visible, Observable, Thoroughgoing, Refined, Come along, Untangle, Straight-out, Unlock, Without content, Null, Tower over, Filmy, Rectified, Entirely, Revealing, Vindicate, Attic, Reveal, Realize a profit of, Peremptory, Purified, Empty, Coin money, Declare innocent, Warrant, Chuck, Unwrap, Null and void, Unclog, Depart, Graceful, Apparent, Repay, Direct, Settle, Chaste, Deplete, Palmy, Permit, Fully, Disburden, Above water, Blow, Purge, Make money, Veritable, Hippety-hop, Make out, Unstop, Without reproach, Quit of, Evacuate, Unhindered, Perfectly sure, Categorical, Perspicuous, Evanesce, Keen, Give ones seal of approval to, Conspicuous, Unadulterated, Pounce on, Blameless, Rehabilitate, Inane, Make clear, Defray, Unlapsed, Absolve, Offenseless, High-fidelity, Deep-dyed, Unsophisticated, Understandable, Leach, Definitive, Final, Shaky, Go over, Omnipresent, Unmitigated, At liberty, Prominently, Glasslike, Evident, Make, Sure, Barren, Faultless, Intensive, Thriving, Certain, Starkly, Clean-cut, Evaporate, Retire, White, Eradicate, Easy, Clearly, Adrift, Set free, Out of contact with, Glaring, Drain, Ineluctable, Pick up, Ciceronian, Open, Intelligible, Unqualified, Root up, Childlike, Overarch, Lucid, Go-as-you-please, Swing, Loose, Vacuous, Lose, Fade, Uninvolved, Separate, All straight, Well-pronounced, Bland, Put through, Lucent, Satisfy, Admitting no exception, Put over, Free up, Gross, Self-evident, Whitewash, Tangible, Clear as day, Gossamery, Pure, Gracile, Pristine, Lightish, Bare, Accept, Plain, Thin, Eliminate, Lucid, Staring, Filtrate, Beat it, Shiny, Decamp, Jump over, Jump off, Definite, Steeplechase, Unfallen, Complete, Without reserve, Cleared, Tidy up, Sail over, Upspring, Empty, Leapfrog, Well-resolved, Pardon, Improve, Undiluted, Rotate, Purify, Unencumbered, Relucent, Acquire, Limpid, Translucent, Lixiviate, Unscramble, Void, Authorize, Destigmatize, Unclogged, Cut the mustard, Trim, Lamblike, Manage somehow, Rule out, Indubitable, Necessary, Predetermined, Disentangle, Gossamer, Make a killing, Obtain, Unowing, Meliorate, Distinctive, Exhaustive, Get, Egregious, Appreciable, Angelic, Exhaust, Unwaivable, Peekaboo, Stabilize, Obvious, Cleanse, Published, Unblended, Take, Bound, Throw over, Conclusive, Unfoul, Break, Break out, Get on, Positive, Consummate, Disclosed, After deductions, Grant amnesty to, Express, Plain as day, Start aside, Distinctly, Buck, Unsheathe, Luculent, Coherent, Untwine, Become airborne, Self-explanatory, Overjump, Lift, Vigorous, Perspicuous, Surmount, Inevitable, Freeborn, Sublimate, Disengage, Perceptible, Downright, Sunny, Congenital, Altogether, Defecate, Exculpate, Weed out, Prominent, Gain, Hurdle, Disengaged, Strain, Take off, Clearly expressed, Unlabored, Readable, Take home, Take-home, Uncurtain, Glassy, Afield, Flourishing, Sieve, Diaphanous, Reinstate, Luminous, Pleasant, Allow, Unclench, Burn off, Wholly, Decisive, Released, Perspicacious, Unconditional, Shake off, Effulgently, Unfortified, Grant remission, Undrape, After taxes, Unambiguous, Regular, Disappear, All-out, Altogether, Thoroughly, Strike out, Blank, Blooming, Sink, Distinct, Radical, With clean hands, Translucid, Total, Shed of, Nonopaque, Apprehensible, Shining, Unblocked, Undo, Openhanded, Pay the bill, Rickety, Expel, Logical, Unimpeded, Unquestioning, Unblock, Leap, Cushy, Outright, Give absolution, Open up, Excuse, Incorrupt, Unscarred, Sleek, Characterless, Run off, Comprehensible, Thorough, Unanchored, Depurate, Throw off, Determined, Forgive, Inappealable, Wholly, Patefy, Simple, Devoid, In the clear, Uncomplicated, Halcyon, Uncomplicated, Sharp, Cut loose, Pay, Unshut, Updive, Unlimited, Naked, Open-and-shut, Unstopped, Uncork, Plumb, Let off, Decrassify, Uncorrupted, Go off, Edulcorate, With nothing inside, Outtop, Clear-cut, Balmy, Unclouded, Unveil, Empty, Glean, Withdraw, Sunshiny, In focus, Hi-fi, Completely, Acquit, Classic, Empty out, Unladen, Rid, Winnow, Free as air, Nonpros, Sparkling, Break loose, Acquit, Overskip, Get quit of, Scram, Realize, Pounce, Disclose, Vault, Unlimited, Pass, Tower above, Unburdened, Spring, Disembarrassed, Better, Exile, Simple as ABC, Sensitive, Out-and-out, Sheer, Facile, Dislodge, Recognizable, Unclutch, Release, Accumulate, Pick out, Explicate, Confident, Manage, Overshadow, Overtop, Give consent to, Limpid, Rosy, Disembarrass, Afoot and lighthearted, Scrape along, Extricate, Polished, Unrestricted, Net, Apart from, Final, Unhidden, Bestride, Pay off, Elucidate, Innocent, Bell-like, Come on, Net, Luminously, Expatriate, Gather, Cut away, Rationalize, Perfectly, Blossoming, Painless, Overlook, Engineer, Self-explaining, Get along, Unambiguous, Sans reproche, Apodictic, Transpicuous, Unseal, Clear out, Pass over, Taxi, Wholesale, True, Capitalize on, Born, Footloose, Milky, To be seen, Square accounts, Unalloyed, Uncase, Unlatch, User-friendly, Fine, Amortize, Distill, Clarion, Unknot, Smooth, Patent, Untrammeled, Withdraw the charge, Understandably, Sinless, Connected, Strike a balance, Clarified, Effortless, Vacant, Strike off, Utterly, Knowable, Manifest, Shut of, Unleavened, Unsnarl, Entirely, Perceptibly, Refine, Distinct, Unobscured, Discerning, Dispense from, Endorse, Well-defined, Cut out, Opalescent, Round, Quit, Unhampered, Command, Unmistakable, Noticeable, Clear up, Unfold, Make it, Undarkened, Start up, Unrestricted, Accessible, Guileless, Over, Perceivable, Sanction, Nothing to it, Plain, Piping, Light, Whole, Clean out, Percolate, Get past, Exact, Untouched by evil, Get by, All-pervading, Far afield, Illustrate, Remit, Abstract, Unblocked, Unravel, Turn a penny, Unclosed, Loud and clear, Clear off, Put in order, Exuberant, Consistent, Crystal, Take up, Elegant, At large, Expose, Passable, Free and clear, Understandable, Look down upon, Exonerated, Undoubting, Univocal, Unmixed, Uncover, Detached, Wide-open, Liberate, All-embracing, Free, Vivid, All-encompassing, Liquidate, Assured, Unwavering, Decided, Unattached, Extract, Unblemished, Turn to account, Disinvolve, Cry sour grapes, Justify, Coherent, Dispose of, Wide, Vent, Precise, Skip, Fat, Clear and distinct, Cleanly, Turn to profit, Quash the charge, Hearable, Ameliorate, At a distance from, Unrelieved, Terse, Uncircumscribed, Let go, Get out, Unclutter, Free and easy, All clear, Crystalline, Flowering, Sublime, Stark, Unreserved, Restrained, Perfect, Scot-free, Find not guilty, Totally, Totally, Fly aloft, Unobstructed, Straightforward, Sunlit, Out of debt, Unburden, Defined, Hack it, Completely, Translucent, Cloudless, Restore, Unequivocal, Simple, Dyed-in-the-wool, Start, Bald, Bolt, Top, Acute, Make a profit of, Square, Utter, Rainless, Empty, Contrive, Void, Palpable, Leave, Straightforward, Free of, Featureless, Redeem, Forgiven, Swing the deal, Filter, Global, Scour out, Deobstruct, Going strong, Buckjump, Contrastive, Uncommitted, At a safe distance from, Clarify, Casual, Easygoing, Entire, Unplug, Crystalline, Cut down, Unbound, Brightly, Neat, Unburdensome, Eject, Give approval to, Incontrovertible, Try, Solvent, Bestraddle, Unaffected, Rectify, License, Freed, Diaphane, Make plain, Get rid of

How to use Clear in a sentence?

  1. Karen cleaned the dishes.
  2. He got out of the car.
  3. The plane was high enough to clear the trees.
  4. Clear glass on the courtyard doors.
  5. He had time to escape.
  6. The truck was stuck in a ditch with wheels on the ground.
  7. Clear and comprehensive instructions.
  8. He walked away clean.
  9. The road is icy.

Meaning of Clear & Clear Definition

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