Definition of Clear:

  1. Completely.

  2. Officially show or declare (someone) to be innocent.

  3. Accounting: (1) Asset that is free from all claims, liens and encumbrances, as in free and clear piece of land. (2) To make a profit, as in the firm cleared one million dollars last quarter..

  4. (of a sum of money) net.

  5. Not touching; away from.

  6. Free of any obstructions or unwanted objects.

  7. Denoting a palatalized form of the sound of the letter l (as in leaf in most accents of English).

  8. Easy to perceive, understand, or interpret.

  9. Banking: To pass through a banks check clearing cycle.

  10. Remove (an obstruction or unwanted item) from somewhere.

  11. Remove an obstruction or unwanted item or items from.

  12. So as to be out of the way of or away from.

  13. Give official approval or authorization to.

  14. Get past or over (something) safely or without touching it.

  15. Earn or gain (an amount of money) as a net profit.

  16. (of a substance) transparent; unclouded.

Synonyms of Clear

Go over, Get past, Go above, Pass over, Sail over, Transparent, Limpid, Pellucid, Translucent, Crystalline, Crystal clear, Glassy, Glasslike, Empty, Void, Away from, Apart from, Beyond, At a distance from, At a safe distance from, Out of contact with, Empty, Void, Attic, Ciceronian, Mickey Mouse, Above water, Abroad, Absolute, Absolve, Absolved, Abstract, Account for, Accumulate, Acquire, Acquit, Acute, Admitting no exception, Adrift, Afield, Afloat, Afoot and lighthearted, All abroad, All clear, All straight, All-embracing, All-encompassing, All-out, All-pervading, Altogether, Ameliorate, Amnesty, Amortize, Angelic, Apodictic, Apparent, Appreciable, Apprehensible, Articulate, Assured, Astray, At large, At liberty, Audible, Bald, Balmy, Bare, Barren, Beat it, Become airborne, Bell-like, Bestraddle, Bestride, Better, Blameless, Bland, Blank, Bleached, Blooming, Blossoming, Blow, Blow out, Bolt, Booming, Born, Bounce, Bound, Break, Break loose, Break out, Bright, Brightly, Broad-based, Buck, Buckjump, Burn off, Capitalize on, Capriole, Cash in on, Cast off, Cast out, Casual, Categorical, Certain, Characterless, Chaste, Childlike, Chuck, Clarified, Clarify, Clarion, Classic, Clean, Clean out, Clean up, Clean-cut, Cleanly, Cleanse, Clear, Clear and distinct, Clear as crystal, Clear as day, Clear away, Clear of, Clear off, Clear out, Clear the decks, Clear the hurdle, Clear up, Clear-cut, Cleared, Clearly, Close, Cloudless, Coherent, Coin money, Come along, Come on, Command, Commercialize, Complete, Completely, Comprehensible, Comprehensive, Conclusive, Confident, Congenital, Connected, Consistent, Conspicuous, Consummate, Contrastive, Contrive, Convinced, Crisp, Cry sour grapes, Crystal, Crystal-clear, Crystalline, Curvet, Cushy, Cut away, Cut down, Cut loose, Cut out, Cut the mustard, Decamp, Decided, Decisive, Decontaminate, Decrassify, Deep-dyed, Defecate, Defined, Definite, Definitive, Defray, Deobstruct, Depart, Deplete, Deport, Depurate, Destigmatize, Detached, Determinate, Determined, Devoid, Diaphane, Diaphanous, Direct, Disappear, Disburden, Discernible, Discernibly, Discerning, Discharge, Disclose, Disclosed, Disembarrass, Disembarrassed, Disembroil, Disencumber, Disengage, Disengaged, Disentangle, Disinvolve, Dislodge, Dismiss, Dispense from, Dispose of, Distill, Distilled, Distinct, Distinctive, Distinctly, Do justice to, Dominate, Dovelike, Downright, Drain, Dyed-in-the-wool, Earn, Easy, Easy as pie, Easygoing, Edulcorate, Effortless, Effulgently, Egregious, Eject, Elegant, Elide, Eliminate, Elucidate, Elute, Emancipated, Empty, Empty out, Engineer, Entire, Entirely, Eradicate, Essentialize, Evacuate, Evanesce, Evaporate, Evident, Exact, Exculpate, Excuse, Exempt, Exempt from, Exhaust, Exhaustive, Exile, Exonerate, Exonerated, Expatriate, Expel, Explain, Explicate, Explicit, Expose, Exposed, Express, Extract, Extricate, Exuberant, Facile, Fade, Fair, Far afield, Fat, Faultless, Featureless, Filmy, Filter, Filtrate, Final, Fine, Finished, Fixed, Flat, Flat-out, Floating, Flourishing, Flowering, Fly aloft, Footloose, Footloose and fancy-free, Forgive, Forgiven, Free, Free and clear, Free and easy, Free as air, Free of, Free up, Freeborn, Freed, Fresh, Fruiting, Fully, Gain, Gain by, Gather, Gauzy, Get, Get along, Get by, Get on, Get out, Get quit of, Get rid of, Get shut of, Give absolution, Glaring, Glean, Glib, Global, Go off, Go on, Go-as-you-please, Going strong, Gossamer, Gossamery, Graceful, Gracile, Grant amnesty to, Grant immunity, Grant remission, Graspable, Gross, Guileless, Guiltless, Hack it, Halcyon, Hearable, Hi-fi, High-fidelity, Hippety-hop, Hollow, Honor, Hop, Hurdle, Illuminate, Illustrate, Implicit, Improve, In focus, In full swing, In good case, In the clear, Inane, Inappealable, Incontrovertible, Incorrupt, Indisputable, Indubitable, Ineluctable, Inevitable, Innocent, Insipid, Intelligible, Intensive, Jump, Jump off, Jump over, Justify, Keen, Knowable, Lamblike, Leach, Leap, Leap over, Leapfrog, Leave, Leave the ground, Legible, Let go, Let off, Liberate, Liberated, Lift, Light, Light-pervious, Lightish, Lightsome, Limpid, Liquidate, Lixiviate, Look down upon, Loose, Lose, Loud and clear, Lucent, Lucid, Luculent, Luminous, Luminously, Lustrous, Make, Make a killing, Make accounts square, Make clear, Make it, Make money, Make money by, Make out, Make plain, Make the grade, Manage, Manage somehow, Manifest, Meliorate, Milky, Muddle through, Naked, Natural, Neat, Necessary, Negotiate, Net, Nonopaque, Nonpros, Not guilty, Nothing to it, Noticeable, Null, Null and void, Observable, Obtain, Obvious, Offenseless, Omnibus, Omnipresent, On the loose, Opalescent, Open, Open up, Open-and-shut, Openhanded, Out of debt, Out-and-out, Outlaw, Outright, Outtop, Over, Overarch, Overjump, Overleap, Overlook, Overshadow, Overskip, Overt, Overtop, Painless, Palmy, Palpable, Pardon, Patefy, Patent, Pay, Pay in full, Pay off, Pay the bill, Pay the shot, Pay up, Peekaboo, Pellucid, Perceivable, Perceptible, Perceptibly, Perceptive, Percolate, Peremptory, Perfect, Perfectly, Perfectly sure, Perspicacious, Perspicuous, Pervasive, Pick out, Pick up, Piping, Plain, Plain as day, Pleasant, Plumb, Polished, Positive, Pounce, Pounce on, Pounce upon, Precise, Predestined, Predetermined, Prelapsarian, Pristine, Profit, Prominent, Prominently, Pronounced, Prospering, Public, Published, Pure, Purge, Purified, Purify, Put in order, Put over, Put through, Quash the charge, Quit, Quit of, Quite, Radiantly, Radical, Rainless, Rationalize, Readable, Realize, Realize on, Recognizable, Rectified, Rectify, Redeem, Refine, Refined, Regular, Rehabilitate, Reinstate, Release, Released, Relucent, Remit, Remove, Repay, Reproachless, Restore, Restrained, Retire, Reveal, Revealing, Rickety, Rid, Rid of, Rise above, Root out, Root up, Rosy, Rotate, Round, Rule out, Run off, Sans reproche, Satisfy, Scot-free, Scour out, Scram, Scrape along, Screen, Secure, See-through, Seeable, Self-evident, Self-explaining, Self-explanatory, Sensible, Sensitive, Separate, Serene, Set free, Set in order, Settle, Shake off, Shaky, Sharp, Shed of, Sheer, Shining, Shiny, Shrive, Shut of, Sieve, Sift, Simple, Simple as ABC, Sink, Sinless, Ski jump, Skip, Sleek, Smooth, Soft, Solve, Solvent, Sparkling, Spiritualize, Spring, Square, Square accounts, Stabilize, Staring, Stark, Starkly, Start, Start aside, Start up, Steeplechase, Straight, Straight-out, Straightforward, Strain, Strike a balance, Strike off, Strike out, Sublimate, Sublime, Succeed in, Sunlit, Sunny, Sunshiny, Sure, Sure-enough, Surmount, Sweep out, Sweeping, Swing, Swing the deal, Take, Take off, Take up, Tangible, Tasteful, Taxi, Tear loose, Terse, Thin, Thorough, Thoroughgoing, Thriving, Through-and-through, Throw off, Throw over, Throw overboard, Tidy up, To be seen, Top, Total, Totally, Tower above, Tower over, Translucent, Translucid, Transparent, Transpicuous, Trim, True, Try, Turn a penny, Turn to account, Turn to profit, Ubiquitous, Unadulterated, Unaffected, Unalloyed, Unambiguous, Unanchored, Unattached, Unblemished, Unblended, Unblock, Unblocked, Unbound, Unburden, Unburdened, Unburdensome, Uncase, Uncircumscribed, Unclench, Unclog, Unclogged, Unclosed, Unclouded, Unclutch, Unclutter, Uncombined, Uncommitted, Uncomplicated, Uncompounded, Unconditional, Unconfused, Uncork, Uncorrupted, Uncover, Uncovered, Uncurtain, Undarkened, Undefiled, Understandable, Understandably, Undiluted, Undisputed, Undo, Undone, Undoubting, Undrape, Unembarrassed, Unencumbered, Unengaged, Unequivocal, Unfallen, Unfastened, Unfixed, Unfold, Unfortified, Unfoul, Unhampered, Unhandicapped, Unhesitating, Unhidden, Unhindered, Unimpeded, Unindebted, Uninvolved, Universal, Univocal, Unknot, Unlabored, Unladen, Unlapsed, Unlatch, Unleavened, Unlimited, Unlock, Unmingled, Unmistakable, Unmitigated, Unmixed, Unobscured, Unobstructed, Unowing, Unplug, Unprevented, Unqualified, Unquestionable, Unquestioned, Unquestioning, Unravel, Unrelieved, Unreserved, Unrestricted, Unroll, Unscarred, Unscramble, Unseal, Unsheathe, Unshut, Unsnarl, Unsophisticated, Unstop, Unstopped, Unstuck, Untangle, Untie, Untied, Untinged, Untouched by evil, Untrammeled, Untwine, Unveil, Unwaivable, Unwavering, Unwrap, Updive, Upleap, Upspring, Utter, Utterly, Vacant, Vacuous, Vault, Vent, Veritable, Vigorous, Vindicate, Visible, Vivid, Void, Warrant, Weed out, Well-defined, Well-marked, Well-pronounced, Well-resolved, White, Whitewash, Whole, Wholesale, Wholly, Wide, Wide-open, Win, Winnow, With clean hands, With nothing inside, Withdraw, Withdraw the charge, Without content, Without exception, Without reproach, Without reserve, Worry along, Acquit, Declare innocent, Find not guilty, Net, Make a profit of, Realize a profit of, Take home, Pocket, Unobstructed, Unblocked, Passable, Unimpeded, Open, Empty, Free, Unlimited, Unrestricted, Unhindered, Completely, Entirely, Thoroughly, Fully, Wholly, Totally, Utterly, Quite, Altogether, After taxes, After deductions, Take-home, Clear, Final, Understandable, Comprehensible, Intelligible, Easy to understand, Plain, Direct, Uncomplicated, Explicit, Lucid, Perspicuous, Coherent, Logical, Distinct, Simple, Straightforward, Clearly expressed, Unambiguous, Clear-cut, Crystal clear, Accessible, User-friendly, Authorize, Give permission, Permit, Allow, Pass, Accept, Endorse, License, Sanction, Give approval to, Give ones seal of approval to, Give consent to

How to use Clear in a sentence?

  1. Karen cleared the dirty plates.
  2. He leapt clear of the car.
  3. The plane rose high enough to clear the trees.
  4. The clear glass of the French windows.
  5. He had time to get clear away.
  6. The truck was wedged in the ditch, one wheel clear of the ground.
  7. Clear and precise directions.
  8. With a clear road ahead he shifted into high gear.
  9. The drive had been cleared of snow.

Meaning of Clear & Clear Definition