Clean Vizio Tv Screen

Clean Vizio Tv Screen

What to do and what not to clean Vizio screen (E601iA3)? 3

I finally got rid of my 12-year-old Mitsubishi 55 rear projection TV and replaced it with the Vizio 60 smart TV.

I like to keep the screen clean. Because Mits has a screen protector that I usually clean with Gl Plus or Windex, there are no side effects like scratches on the screen.

With the new Vizio, I needed to know how to keep it clean.

I called Vizio and asked a question and got the answer to use clean water and soft cloth.

If I could use Windex or Gl Plus on a Vizio monitor, I'd love to hear feedback here. Or not.

Thank you very much.

*** No *** Windows. Windows may appear on modern television screens.

For a safe and effective way to clean flat screens, see the answer yes at the link below.

Clean Vizio Tv Screen