Definition of Clause:

  1. Articles, terms or reservations are specific and different in agreement, law or agreement.

  2. In traditional grammar, just below the sentence and a unit of grammatical organization that must contain an article and a prediction.

  3. The title, distribution or part or numbered part of a document that describes, explains or explains the article. The clause is yes, but that and the agreement, proposal or law.

Synonyms of Clause

Installment, Sentence, Peculiar expression, Motion, Verbalism, Idiom, Small print, Boundary condition, Passage, Ultimatum, Catch, Paragraph, Subsection, Back matter, Phrase, Given, Chapter, Livraison, Word group, Condition, Text, Locution, Escape clause, Expression, Serial, Sine qua non, Limiting condition, Idiomatic expression, Rider, Front matter, Escape hatch, Construction, Usage, Fine print, Bill, Enacting clause, Part, Privileged question, Turn of phrase, Heading, Joker, Turn of phrase, Specification, Omnibus bill, Term, Article, Requisite, Folio, Clause, Point, Provision, Paragraph, Idiotism, Group of words, Section, Fascicle, Construction, Adjectival phrase, Parameter, Dragnet clause, Volume, Expression, Phrasal verb, Passage, Headed group, Way of speaking, Utterance, Manner of speaking, Gathering, Part, Page, Grounds, Book, Item, Terms, Wording, Prerequisite, Question, Verb complex, Period, Kicker, Companion bills amendment, Section, Calendar, Provisions, Phrasal idiom, Noun phrase, Whereas, Proviso, Verse, Column, Turn of expression, Term, Set phrase, Stipulation, Saving clause, Obligation, Sheet, Signature, Idiom, Verb phrase, String, Word-group, Standard phrase, Number, Locution, Donnee, Note, Hold-up bill, Syntactic structure, Escalator clause, Phrasal idiom, Set phrase, Article

How to use Clause in a sentence?

  1. From the above sentence, both clauses were added to the sequence without any assembly.
  2. The documents we signed on the purchase of our house had special clauses that should not be painted purple.
  3. Contracts usually choose the terms of the law that define the applicable law.
  4. The company's purchasing manager includes a clause in the supplier's agreement that specifies the actual additional terms that are not included in the document.
  5. Article 5 of the agreement clearly states that the school system has no legal liability against students or parents in the event of an accident outside the system property.

Meaning of Clause & Clause Definition

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What Does Clause Mean?

  • The policy agreement or a part of its appendix that deals with a particular item in the agreement, for example the insurance clause or the security clause.

  • Clause can be defined as, This provision sets out the financial responsibilities of the insurance company to the policyholder, as set out in the agreement. Indicate what damage has been done. When the policy insurance or its agent is preparing the policy, the policyholder may apply for coverage of certain provisions.

  • The definition of Clause is: The part of the insurance policy that explains, clarifies or clarifies the terms of insurance.

  • The part of a policy or traveler that relates to a particular insurance phase, expulsion, limit or other condition, such as:

  • Clause means, A term used to identify a specific part of a policy or passenger.

  • Special terms in an insurance policy that may be related to damage from floods, wars, motor vehicles, etc.

Meanings of Clause

  1. The grammatical organizational unit, which is located directly below the sentence in the line, must have an article and a prediction in traditional grammar.

  2. Articles, terms or conditions are specific and separate from an agreement, bill or agreement.

Sentences of Clause

  1. Of the above sentences, both sentences are connected by several sentences without connecting words.

  2. Agreements usually contain a provision of an electoral law that determines the applicable law.

Synonyms of Clause

catch , heading , string attached to something , joker , fine print , point , requirement , ultimatum , paragraph , article , limitation , chapter , section , item , provision , condition , passage , proviso , rider , specification , stipulation , kicker , codicil , small print , part


Clause Meanings:

  • You can define Clause as, A part of a policy agreement or an appendix to a specific item in the agreement, for example insurance or a coin insurance clause.

  • This clause sets out the insurer's policyholder's financial obligations, as set out in the agreement. Explain what losses have occurred. The policyholder may apply for coverage for specific clauses when the insurer or his agent issues the policy.

Meanings of Clause

  1. A grammatical organizational unit located just below the sentence line and is thought to consist of a subject and a prediction in traditional grammar.

  2. Articles, terms or conditions specified in the agreement, law or agreement.



  • Clause can be defined as, A portion of the policy agreement or an appendix to it relating to a specific item in the agreement, for example insurance or skin insurance clause.

  • Meaning of Clause: Part of a policy or endorsement related to a particular insurance phase, expulsion, limitation or other conditions, such as a coin insurance clause, a mortgage clause, etc. That it modifies, limits or clarifies certain terms.

  • Definition of Clause: A term used to identify a specific part of a policy or endorsement.

Meanings of Clause

  1. The organizational unit of grammar, which is located just below the sentence in the line, and traditional grammar should consist of an article and a prediction.

  2. An article, provision or provision that is definite and separate from an agreement, bill or agreement.