Definition of Classified:

  1. Small advertisements placed in a newspaper and organized in categories.

  2. Broad term covering information that is confidential, restricted, secret, or top-secret.

  3. Data or information grouped under named categories.

  4. Arranged in classes or categories.

Synonyms of Classified

Aligned, Arcane, Arranged, Arrayed, Assorted, Cabalistic, Cataloged, Categorized, Censored, Close, Closed, Composed, Concealed, Constituted, Cryptic, Dark, Disposed, Enigmatic, Esoteric, Filed, Fixed, Graded, Grouped, Harmonized, Hermetic, Hidden, Hierarchic, Hush-hush, Indexed, Latent, Marshaled, Methodized, Mysterious, Normalized, Occult, On file, Ordered, Orderly, Organized, Pigeonholed, Placed, Pyramidal, Ranged, Ranked, Rated, Regularized, Regulated, Restricted, Routinized, Secret, Smothered, Sorted, Standardized, Stifled, Stratified, Suppressed, Synchronized, Systematized, Tabular, Top secret, Ulterior, Unbreatheable, Under security, Under wraps, Undisclosable, Undisclosed, Undivulgable, Undivulged, Unrevealable, Unrevealed, Unspoken, Untellable, Untold, Unutterable, Unuttered, Unwhisperable

How to use Classified in a sentence?

  1. I searched the classified section of the newspaper because I was looking for a new car that would get me from point A to point B without any problems.
  2. The police officer was unable to learn more information regarding the death of his friend, as the information was classified .
  3. A classified catalog of books.
  4. Heres an example: The general merchandise categories of newspaper classifieds are among the most threatened.
  5. The information was classified and only those with the top level security clearance were able to access the vital data.

Meaning of Classified & Classified Definition

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