Definition of Classification:

  1. Importation: Determination of correct customs tariff schedule number of an imported item, for applying the appropriate duty (tariff) rate, together with associated rules and regulations.

  2. General: Organization of varied items into mutually exclusive but related classes.

  3. The action or process of classifying something according to shared qualities or characteristics.

  4. Shipping: (1) Degree of seaworthiness of a ship as determined by qualified surveyors on the basis of factors such as its construction, material used, and size. This classification is awarded for a certain period and the ship must be resurveyed after that (or before in case of an accident) to retain the original rating. (2) Assignment of a category to a specific shipment, for applying appropriate class rate, together with associated rules and regulations.

Synonyms of Classification

Categorization, Categorizing, Classifying, Classing, Grouping, Grading, Ranking, Organization, Sorting, Codification, Systematization, Stratification, Antonomasia, Appraisal, Assessment, Binomial nomenclature, Biosystematics, Biosystematy, Categorization, Class, Evaluation, Factoring, Family, Gauging, Genus, Glossology, Grouping, Identification, Kingdom, Nomenclature, Onomastics, Onomatology, Order, Orismology, Phylum, Place-names, Place-naming, Polyonymy, Sifting, Sifting out, Sorting, Sorting out, Species, Systematics, Taxonomy, Terminology, Toponymy, Trinomialism, Weighing, Winnowing

How to use Classification in a sentence?

  1. When you are buying a new car check out classification and the price to make sure you are getting everything you need.
  2. The classification of disease according to symptoms.
  3. The large ship was very beautiful and most importantly to the owners it had passed each and every classification determined by the shipping code and the inspectors said it was seaworthy and ready to sail.
  4. When I received all of my training and completed the required tasks, I became a different pay classification and got a raise.

Meaning of Classification & Classification Definition