Class II Railroad

Class II Railroad,

Class II Railroad Meanings:

  • Railroad operating revenue between $ 36.6 million and $ 457.9 million.

Literal Meanings of Class II Railroad


Meanings of Class:
  1. A set or category of items that have the same characteristics or attributes and differ from others in terms of type, type or quality.

  2. A community management system in which people are divided into groups based on their perception of social or economic status.

  3. Show a beautiful border.

Sentences of Class
  1. Socially deprived of their class rights

Synonyms of Class

form, categorize, adept, consummate, social order, band, social division, set, variety, genre, echelon, marvellous, fine, first-class, skilful, stream, formidable, kind, social stratum, rate, school group, expert, level, study group


Meanings of II:
  1. This is equal to the sum of one and less than three. A group or unit of two persons or objects for two years, two hours, a scale of clothing or something else is represented by two placards or dominoes with two seeds.

Sentences of II
  1. two years ago

Synonyms of II

duet, duplet, tandem, pair, dyad, duo


Meanings of Railroad:
  1. Rails or rails made of steel rail where passenger and freight trains pass.

  2. Tracking the system with the trains, organization and employees required for the operation.

  3. Doing something in a hurry or forcing you to do something.

Sentences of Railroad
  1. Your uncle worked for the railway company

  2. Union Pacific Railway

Synonyms of Railroad

goad, prod, badger, nag, force, coerce, harass, harry, hound, spur, hustle, pressurize, pester, urge, pressure, compel