Class I Railroad

Class I Railroad,

How Do You Define Class I Railroad?

  • Meaning of Class I Railroad: Rail Rail transport operators with an operating profit of over 457.9 million

Literal Meanings of Class I Railroad


Meanings of Class:
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  3. Show a beautiful border.

Synonyms of Class

kind, sort, type, order, variety, genre, brand, social division, social order, social stratum, rank, level, echelon, group, grouping, set, caste, form, study group, school group


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Sentences of I
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Meanings of Railroad:
  1. A set of rails or steel rails where passenger and freight trains pass.

  2. Tracking the system with the trains, organization and employees required for the operation.

  3. Hurry up or force them to do something.

Sentences of Railroad
  1. Your uncle worked for the railway company

  2. Union Pacific Railway

Synonyms of Railroad

coerce, force, compel, pressure, pressurize, badger, hustle, pester, hound, harass, nag, harry, urge, goad, prod, spur