Class A/Class B Shares

Class A/Class B Shares,

Class A/Class B Shares: What is the Meaning of Class A/Class B Shares?

  • Shares issued by the same company but with some differences, e.g. B. Voting rights, preference or participation in profits.

Literal Meanings of Class A/Class B Shares


Meanings of Class:
  1. Assign a specific category or consider belonging to a particular category.

  2. A set or category of things that have the same characteristics or characteristics and are different from others in terms of gender, type or quality.

  3. A community organizing system in which people are divided into groups according to their perceptions of social or economic status.

  4. A group of students study together.

  5. Show a great edge.

Sentences of Class
  1. Behavior that is described as criminal

  2. Accommodation is good for a hotel in this category.

  3. Classes that are socially backward

Synonyms of Class

order, band, kind, first-rate, marvellous, consummate, social order, formidable, skilful, rank, magnificent, grouping, group, excellent, echelon, school group, champion, expert, level, social division, genre, adept, rate, categorize, grade


Meanings of A:
  1. For the first time in a text message or conversation, they were referring to someone or something.

  2. It is used to indicate belonging to a class of people or things.

  3. It is used to express prices or proportions within or within each individual.

  4. (In travelogue)

  5. (In units of measure) Atto (10⁻¹⁸).

  6. (Related to sports events).

  7. (Used before date).

  8. Acceleration.

Sentences of A
  1. A man left the room

  2. He is a lawyer

  3. Write 60 words per minute


Meanings of B:
  1. Warehouse (s)

  2. Birth (used to indicate date of birth)

  3. Seventh note of C. large ditonic scale.

  4. (Used to record moves in chess) Bishop

  5. Black (used to describe the features of the pencil tip)

  6. (In private ad) Black.

  7. Bombardier (in the designation of the American aircraft type)

  8. The chemical element boron.

  9. Magnetic flux density


Meanings of Shares:
  1. Sharing (something) with someone else.

  2. A portion or portion of a large sum of money that is distributed to several people or in which several people participate.

  3. One of the equities in which the company's shares are divided into capital makes up a portion of its profits.

  4. Examples of posting or republishing content on apps or social networking sites.

Sentences of Shares
  1. She shared a cake with him

  2. Under the proposal, investors will pay a higher proportion of the required annual fee.

  3. Sell ​​your shares on BT

  4. By 7:30 p.m., he had shared 25,000 likes on Twitter and 117 likes on Facebook.

Synonyms of Shares

allowance, split, measure, allocation, portion, ration, division, divide, allotment, part, lot, go halves in, quota, bit, go halves with, due

Class A/Class B Shares,

How Do You Define Class A/Class B Shares?

  • Definition of Class A/Class B Shares: The shares were issued by the same company but with some differences, such as voting rights, preferential rights or profits.

Literal Meanings of Class A/Class B Shares


Meanings of Class:
  1. A system of organizing society in which people are divided into groups according to their perception of their social or economic situation.

  2. Students or a group of students who are studying together.

Sentences of Class
  1. Criminal behavior

Synonyms of Class

demon, pigeonhole, set, social stratum, social hierarchy, category, great, top-notch, varna, stellar, designate, brand, rating, first-class, brill, social status, stripe, phylum, cast, triage, ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

Meanings of A:
  1. I, I, or for each (used to express price or ratio).

  2. Arrived (in the itinerary).

  3. (In units of measure) atto (10-18).

  4. Go (related to sports events).

  5. Names of oxide forms.

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  9. Ad spelling variations are found before sc, sp and st (as in ascending, ascending and ascending).

  10. Capital A-shaped.

Sentences of A
  1. Penzance in 0915

  2. An A10

  3. Q: What is a suspended parliament? A: The one in which no party has an absolute majority.


Meanings of B:
  1. (In frame) and (x) will meet you.

  2. Seventh note of C Major Dytonic Scale.

  3. Bomber (in an American aircraft type position).

  4. Chemical element with atomic number 5, non-metallic solid.


Meanings of Shares:
  1. Examples of posting or forwarding content to websites or apps on social networks.

  2. Putting a part of (something) with another or with another.

  3. An acronym for what is called.

Sentences of Shares
  1. Under the proposal, investors will pay a large portion of the required annual fee.

Synonyms of Shares

piece of the action, apportionment, percentage, cut, dividend, serving, interest, quantum, slice, rake-off, helping, whack, equity, go Dutch, stake, piece/slice of the cake, go halves in/with, moiety, commission, go fifty-fifty in, divvy