Clarotv Claro Com Br Codigo 04

Clarotv Claro Com Br Codigo 04

Sure TV Are you saying this or do you dare to have unhealthy beliefs? 3

I was taking clean TV. Using the program provides audio and video image. Suddenly D-image appears in the middle.

Code 06 This access to Iman Card is not permitted in case of leave between contacts or customer service.

Check in advance if the card is connected.

I haven't tried the release or the recipient yet.

Call me for help with 5 stars and 10 points.


What do I do until I can clean my pen?

Hello? And for the first time, either code 04, or the card or trust is disabled. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

It's like I didn't pay the bill, I'm still out of order.

This has already happened to me. I called 10399 and it was resolved very quickly.

Clarotv Claro Com Br Codigo 04