Definition of Clarity:

  1. Absence of haze or turbidity in a material, measured as a function of light passing through it, by means of methods such as ASTM D2457.

Synonyms of Clarity

Atticism, Accuracy, Admission of light, Appropriateness, Articulateness, Articulation, Atmospheric visibility, Care, Ceiling, Ceiling unlimited, Chasteness, Chastity, Classicalism, Classicism, Clear coast, Clear road, Clear-cutness, Clearness, Coherence, Comeliness, Comprehensibility, Connectedness, Consistency, Conspicuity, Conspicuousness, Correctitude, Correctness, Crystal-clearness, Crystallinity, Definiteness, Definition, Diaphaneity, Diaphanousness, Dignity, Directness, Discrimination, Distinction, Distinctness, Ease, Easiness, Easy going, Effortlessness, Elegance, Elegancy, Evidence, Evidentness, Exactitude, Explicitness, Facileness, Facility, Felicitousness, Felicity, Filminess, Finish, ■■■■■■■■■■■■ Flow, Flowing periods, Fluency, Freedom, Fussiness, Gauziness, Glassiness, Glasslikeness, Good taste, Gossameriness, Grace, Gracefulness, Gracility, High visibility, Highroad, Intelligibility, Lack of hindrance, Limpidity, Low visibility, Lucidity, Manifestness, Meticulousness, Naturalness, Neatness, Nicety, Nonopacity, Obviousness, Patentness, Pellucidity, Percipi, Perspicuity, Plain English, Plain sailing, Plain speech, Plain style, Plainness, Plane sailing, Polish, Precision, Prominence, Propriety, Purity, Refinement, Restraint, Royal road, Seeing, Seemliness, Sheerness, Show-through, Simplicity, Smooth road, Smooth sailing, Smoothness, Straight sailing, Straightforwardness, Structure, Taste, Tastefulness, Terseness, Thinness, Transmission of light, Transparence, Transparency, Transpicuity, Transpicuousness, Unadorned style, Unaffectedness, Unambiguousness, Uncloudedness, Uncomplexity, Uncomplicatedness, Understandability, Unequivocalness, Unmistakableness, Visibility unlimited, Visibility zero, Vitreosity, Vitreousness, Vitrescence

Meaning of Clarity & Clarity Definition

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