Claires Nose Piercing

Claires Nose Piercing

Can I clean the nose point with Clears Air Solution? ۔

I just got a chance to poke my nose in the mall and the lady asked me to drink alcohol but I did some research and she said no then I haven't seen any girl's video on youtube. I know other people who like Latte but I don't have a zip code.

No, airlobe is not good for piercing, so definitely not good for cartilage piercing, the easiest and safest way to clean nose piercing is sea salt and water, it will not be more salty than tears, it will be twice Wipe One day with a cue tip.

And remember that it actually takes 1 year to recover, don't mess with it.

Treat this hole as if you were affected, it is the most painful thing you will feel on your face.

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Please do not use anything except hot sea salt solution!

The tips for piercing the ears and the alcohol are basically the same. Both dry out the skin and scar tissue.

Take some sea salt and distilled water, mix 1/4 teaspoon salt in a glass of water (you can microwave it, but make sure it is not too much) and dip your nose directly in the water. Give Soak a cotton ball in water for a few minutes (breathe through your mouth) and place it on the hole until it cools.

By the way, you have only one reason to clean it if you can get it. So, all you need to do is clean your hole, maybe twice a day (morning and evening). If you sweat during the day or are heavy, wash it off in the afternoon.

Oh, what you get is perfectly normal (except that it really smells or changes color strange, light / yellow / gold / and normal, green / red / brother / etc NO). If you can get one, bathing in sea salt will help dissolve the crunchy material and prevent it from building up. Whatever you do, do not try to remove the debris without first sending it. After watering, take a clean cupboard and now gently rub the soft crust.

If you get a cold, you can apply a non-irritating lotion outside the hole so that it doesn't get too dry ... and use it with salt water after the day will also be affected.

By the way, if you haven't guessed, piercing is more effective than most people say. MDR

Safe solution for piercing care.

Claires Nose Piercing