Definition of Claims:

  1. The act of making demands or assertions. For example, one party of a contract may make claims that the other is in breach of contract.

  2. An assertion that something is true.

  3. Cause the loss of (someones life).

  4. State or assert that something is the case, typically without providing evidence or proof.

  5. Formally request or demand; say that one owns or has earned (something).

  6. A demand or request for something considered ones due.

  7. Plural of claim: legal demands or assertions.

  8. Rights that an individual or legal entity is entitled to. For example, an individual or business can have claims on a title signifying ownership of some land.

Synonyms of Claims

Request, Application, Take, Lay claim to, Say that one owns, Assert ownership of, Formally request, Assert, Declare, Profess, Maintain, State, Hold, Affirm, Avow, Aver, Protest, Insist, Swear, Attest, Assertion, Declaration, Profession, Affirmation, Avowal, Averment, Protestation, Representation

How to use Claims in a sentence?

  1. The attacks claimed the lives of five people.
  2. If no one claims the items, they will become Crown property.
  3. The court had denied their claims to asylum.
  4. He was dogged by the claim that he had CIA links.
  5. The Prime Minister claimed that he was concerned about Third World debt.

Meaning of Claims & Claims Definition

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What is Claims?

Claims definition is: Compensation claims by insurers under an insurance contract

The amount requested by the insurer to cover the medical expenses incurred by the insurer. As a general rule, a claim for compensation is made to the insurer with a request for payment of the medical compensation received in the form of a written notification, subject to the terms of the insurance.

Meanings of Claims

  1. Explain or claim that something is happening, usually without evidence or proof.

  2. Request or formally claim that you say you won or won (some)

  3. Causing harm to (someone's life)

  4. A statement that something is true.

  5. Application or request for something deemed degraded.

Sentences of Claims

  1. The prime minister says he is worried about third world debt

  2. If one does not claim these items, they become the property of the Crown Prince.

  3. Five people were killed in the attack

  4. Prosecuted by alleged CIA contacts

  5. The court rejected your asylum application

Synonyms of Claims

application , due , part , pretense , lien , prerogative , requirement , dibs , case , protestation , reclamation , call , entreaty , requisition , birthright , plea , allegation , postulation , title , counterclaim , assertion , profession , affirmation , ultimatum


Claims Meanings:

  • Insurer's loss claims under the insurance contract.

  • Meaning of Claims: The amount of money the policyholder asks the insurance company to pay for medical expenses. Typically, a claim is made in the form of a written warning requiring the insurer to pay for the medical care it receives, which is covered by the terms of the insurance policy.

Meanings of Claims

  1. An allegation or claim that something happened, usually no evidence or proof is provided.

  2. Officially ask or demand that someone wins (something) or wins.

  3. Harm (someone)

  4. A request or request for something that is considered due.

Sentences of Claims

  1. Followed alleged CIA contacts.

Synonyms of Claims

petition, make out, submission, pretence, allege, pretend to, argue, contention, cause/result in the loss of, demand, asseveration, submit, asseverate, contend, move, avouch


Definition of Claims:

  1. You can define Claims as, Compensation claims by the insured under the insurance contract

  2. Amount requested by the insurer to pay medical expenses to the insurer. The claim is usually made to the insurer in the form of a written warning demanding payment for the treatment received, which falls under the terms of the insurance.

Meanings of Claims

  1. An allegation or claim that something has happened, usually without providing any evidence or proof.

  2. Formally ask or demand that someone wins (something) or wins.

  3. To harm (someone)