Claims-Made Basis

Claims-Made Basis,

What is The Meaning of Claims-Made Basis?

Claims-Made Basis can be defined as, The form of reinsurance in which the date of notification of the claim is considered the date of the claim. This means that losses reported during the term of the reinsurance agreement are covered regardless of when they occurred. The claims settlement agreement is intended to shorten the conclusion of a liability lawsuit unless extended by special agreement.

Literal Meanings of Claims-Made Basis


Meanings of Claims:
  1. An accusation or claim that something happened, usually no evidence or proof is provided.

  2. Officially ask or demand that someone wins (something) or wins.

  3. Harm (someone)

  4. A statement that something is true.

  5. A request or request for something that is considered due.

Sentences of Claims
  1. The prime minister says he is worried about third world debt.

  2. If one does not claim these items, they become the property of the Crown Prince.

  3. Five people were killed in the ■■■■■■.

  4. Followed alleged CIA contacts.

  5. The court rejected your asylum application.

Synonyms of Claims

aver, profess, swear, maintain, cause/result in the loss of, assertion, case, contend, take, demand, affirm, affirmation, allege, avow, call, attest, assert ownership of, represent, submission, petition, declaration, asseverate, allegation, asseveration, profession


Meanings of Made:
  1. Part of the past and c

  2. Done in a special place or in a special way.

  3. Make (something) to make something by putting pieces together or assembling something.

  4. (Something) exists or allows to happen.

  5. Ask someone to do something.

  6. Make a set a.

  7. Win or Win (Money or Win)

  8. Arrive (somewhere) or board (train or other means of transportation) within a specified time.

  9. Be prepared to go in a certain direction.

  10. Encourage (someone) to have sex with someone.

  11. (Bridge, whistle etc.) wins (one round)

Sentences of Made
  1. Japanese camera.

  2. My grandmother made me a dress

  3. The drops made a hole in the floor.

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  5. They make an extraordinary pair.

  6. Make Money With Content

  7. We have a lot to do when you are traveling.

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Synonyms of Made

oblige, fashion, win, pressurize, fabricate, urge, put the heat on, railroad, compel, coerce, realize, represent, get, blackmail, prevail on, arrive at, mould, earn, model, arrive/be in time for


Meanings of Basis:
  1. The resources or foundations on which an idea, argument or action is based.

Sentences of Basis
  1. The only basis for good cooperation is trust.