Claims-made And Reported Provision

Claims-made And Reported Provision,

Definition of Claims-made And Reported Provision:

  1. Coverage trigger which requires that a claim be made against the policyholder and the insurers be informed during the insurance period so that the coverage can be enforced. Such regulations, which are often found in professional compensation and directors and officers (D&O) insurance, often create difficulties when claims are made against the policyholder at the end of the service. Insurance before the end of the policy

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Meanings of Claims:
  1. Explain or claim that something is happening, usually without evidence or proof.

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Sentences of Claims
  1. The prime minister says he is worried about third world debt

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  4. Prosecuted by alleged CIA contacts

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Synonyms of Claims

averment, avow, request, aver, maintain, hold, avowal, declaration, assert, representation, insist, affirmation, lay claim to, protestation, attest, profession, swear, say that one owns, application, profess, assertion, declare


Meanings of Made:
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Sentences of Made
  1. Japanese camera


Meanings of And:
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Synonyms of And

and, added to, along with, too, as well as, together with, besides, not to mention, in addition to, also, with, coupled with, including


Meanings of Reported:
  1. Officially or officially announced or explained.

Sentences of Reported
  1. Report increase in crime


Meanings of Provision:
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