Claims History

Claims History,

Claims History:

You can define Claims History as, The insurance company decides how much to charge for the insurance premium or renewal using your claim history (how many claims you have made and which claims). Your complaint history helps you assess potential risks as a user. Some insurers do not attempt to insure a person who has made a claim.

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Meanings of Claims:
  1. Explain or admit that something has happened, there is usually no evidence or proof.

  2. Government petitions or requests to say we won or won (some)

  3. Cause of loss (someone's life)

  4. A statement that something is true.

  5. Requests or demands for something appropriate.

Sentences of Claims
  1. The Prime Minister expressed concern about the debt of the Third World

  2. If no one claims the item, it belongs to the Crown

  3. Five people were killed in the attack

  4. Frightened by allegations that he had ties to the CIA

  5. The court rejected his asylum application

Synonyms of Claims

hold, protest, declaration, application, avowal, affirmation, assert ownership of, protestation, avow, maintain, affirm, say that one owns, representation, lay claim to, declare, request, insist, profess, take, averment, assertion, swear, profession, state


Meanings of History:
  1. A study of past events, especially in human affairs.

  2. A whole series of past events related to someone or something else.

  3. Permanent historical record of important or public events or trends or specific institutions.

  4. Web browser-generated recordings of web pages and other files that have been accessed.

Sentences of History
  1. Medieval European history

  2. History of Aegean painting

  3. History of the labor movement

Synonyms of History

saga, former times, chronicle, bygone days, tale, historical events, days of old, yesterday, study, archive, report, narrative, account, the old days, time gone by, story, the good old days, record, the past, antiquity