Claims Cohort

Claims Cohort,

Claims Cohort Definition:

  1. A group or set of insurance claims with an expiration date.

Literal Meanings of Claims Cohort


Meanings of Claims:
  1. Explain or acknowledge that something is going on, usually presented without any evidence or proof.

  2. Request or formally claim that you have won or won (some)

  3. To cause loss of (someone's life)

  4. A statement that something is true.

  5. Application or request for any application deemed appropriate.

Sentences of Claims
  1. The prime minister says he is worried about third world debt

  2. If one does not claim these items, they become the property of the Crown Prince.

  3. Five people were ■■■■■■ in the ■■■■■■

  4. Harassed over claims of CIA contacts

  5. The court rejected your asylum application

Synonyms of Claims

averment, maintain, aver, representation, attest, profess, assert ownership of, affirm, affirmation, say that one owns, protestation, formally request, application, swear, declare, avowal, state, hold, request, avow, declaration, profession


Meanings of Cohort:
  1. A group of people grouped together or behaved like a group.

  2. A supporter or partner

  3. An ancient Roman military unit of six centuries is one-tenth of this army.

Sentences of Cohort
  1. A group of officials who patiently draft a law.

  2. He replaced the current Pretorian Guard with 16 groups recruited from his German army.

Synonyms of Cohort

votary, backer, devotee, outfit, fanatic, disciple, zealot, enthusiast, stalwart, fan, supporter, upholder, force, promoter, adherent, unit, champion, follower