Definition of Claimant:

  1. Party making (filing) a formal demand for a payment or asserting a right (such as the ownership of a property).

  2. A person making a claim, especially in a lawsuit or for a government-sponsored benefit.

Synonyms of Claimant

Accusant, Accuser, Allegator, Appellant, Applicant, Aspirant, Bidder, Candidate, Complainant, Delator, Impeacher, Impugner, Indictor, Informer, Libelant, Party, Petitioner, Plaintiff, Postulant, Prosecutor, Seeker, Solicitant, Solicitor, Suitor, Suppliant, Supplicant, The prosecution, Applicant, Candidate, Supplicant, Suppliant, Pretender, Suitor

How to use Claimant in a sentence?

  1. If you are going to file as a claimant you should have already exhausted all other options before taking that step.
  2. One in four eligible claimants failed to register for a rebate.
  3. I was filing a lawsuit on a company that hurt me in the past and that made me the claimant because I was the one suing.
  4. If you are still owed money by someone and they are ducking you then you may need to act as a claimant and make a formal appeal.

Meaning of Claimant & Claimant Definition