Civil law

Civil law,

Definition of Civil law:

  1. The system of law concerned with private relations between members of a community rather than criminal, military, or religious affairs.

  2. Private law which (in contrast to administrative law, criminal law, ecclesiastical law, and military law) deals with relationships among individuals.

  3. One of the two major legal systems of the modern Western world (the other is common law). Derived from Roman law, it is followed in the countries of continental Europe, their former colonies, Isle of Man, Latin America, Scotland, state of Louisiana in the US federation, and in Canadas Quebec province. In this system, a highly structured and rigid code of rules is observed to the letter, and an expert judge decides cases without the help of jury and without any reference to precedent. Under this system, every defendant who enters a criminal trial is presumed guilty until proven innocent, whereas under common law (practiced in most English-speaking countries) he or she is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

How to use Civil law in a sentence?

  1. Punishment is a function par excellence of the criminal law, rather than civil law.
  2. Some crimes and according legislation are referred to as civil law where as other more dangerous or heinous acts are criminal law.
  3. If a company is not behaving properly then it may be questioned by civil law which can cause major repercussions.
  4. Some crimes and according legislation are referred to as civil law where as other more dangerous or heinous acts are criminal law.

Meaning of Civil law & Civil law Definition

Civil Law,

Civil Law means,

The legal system is primarily based on laws or regulations rather than court decisions. Examples are the French and German systems.

Literal Meanings of Civil Law


Meanings of Civil:
  1. Concerning civilians and their concerns, as opposed to military or religious matters

  2. Polite and courteous.

  3. Determined by custom or law rather than by nature or astronomy.

Sentences of Civil
  1. Civil Aviation

  2. We try to be polite to him

  3. Civil Twilight begins with Twilight

Synonyms of Civil

gallant, non-religious, well bred, respectful, chivalrous, gentlemanly, polite, secular, gracious, lay, ladylike, courteous, well mannered


Meanings of Law:
  1. Rules recognized by a particular country or community as the actions of its members can be enforced through a system and restrictions.

  2. Rules that describe the correct behavior or conduct in the game.

  3. A factual statement, derived from observation, is that whenever certain conditions are satisfied, some natural or scientific phenomena are found.

  4. The order of God's commandments is expressed in the Bible or other religious texts.

  5. A mound, usually round or conical.

Sentences of Law
  1. He was taken to court for breaking the law

  2. Sports Law

  3. The Second Amendment Law

  4. Morally, Simon was probably an antinomian, an enemy of Old Testament law.

  5. Today I walked in Northbrook Law

Synonyms of Law

belief, direction, precept, canon, high ground, instruction, tenet, legal code, rules and regulations, charter, practice, certitude, rising ground, knoll, criterion, guideline, tor, injunction, maxim, standard, legislation, pike, fell, mound, verity, system of laws, doctrine, commandment, mount, directive