Definition of Citation:

  1. A mention of a praiseworthy act or achievement in an official report, especially that of a member of the armed forces in wartime.

  2. Reference to an already decided case in support of a legal argument.

  3. Summons to a person to appear before a court at a specified place and time to answer a particular charge. A citation is not a warrant and a refusal to comply with it is normally not a crime.

  4. Complete reference to a particular quote or source cited as an authority, it includes the authors name, publications title, date of publication, and other information (such as publishers name and address) helpful in locating the publication.

  5. A quotation from or reference to a book, paper, or author, especially in a scholarly work.

  6. A summons.

Synonyms of Citation

Commendation, Award, Honour, Summons, Subpoena, Writ, Court order, Process, Accolade, Acknowledgment, Assault, Attack, Award, By-line, Case, Censure, Certiorari, Confession, Credit line, Cross reference, Demonstration, Eulogy, Example, Exemplification, Garnishment, Guerdon, Habeas corpus, Honorable mention, Illustration, Implication, Impugnment, Incrimination, Inculpation, Instance, Involvement, Item, Kudos, Mention, Monition, Panegyric, Particular, Praise, Quotation, Reference, Reward, Salutation, Signature, Subpoena, Summons, Trademark, Tribute, Venire, Venire de novo, Venire facias, Writ of summons, Quotation, Quote, Extract, Excerpt, Passage, Line, Piece

How to use Citation in a sentence?

  1. A traffic citation.
  2. Angela received a traffic citation for speeding in a school zone, and the officer who wrote the citation advised Angela that she would have to appear in court.
  3. The cop wrote me a citation for parking on the wrong side of the street yesterday afternoon, it was thirty dollars.
  4. The cop pulled over the vehicle that did not have a license tag, the driver was issues a citation for not having it.
  5. There were dozens of citations from the works of Byron.
  6. The citation described him as an officer of extreme gallantry.

Meaning of Citation & Citation Definition