Cistem Aperio

Cistem Aperio

What does Cistem Aperio do?

Cistem Aperio is the magical spell used to open suitcases, trunks, boxes or other containers.

What is Arania Exumai doing in this context?

Spider repellent spell (Arania Exumai) is a spell used to detonate acromantulas or other large spiders.

What else does Meteolojinx recanto do?

Meteolojinx Recanto. Meteolojinx Recanto is a spell that can be used to counter functional weather spells.

After all, who invented the stimulus of encouragement?

The charm was invented by Felix Summerbee between the mid 15th and 150th centuries. This year.

What spell does Ginny use?

Almost any spell in the Harry Potter universe can be used to kill someone, and don’t forget that Ginny uses a reducto in the movies and meets a Death Eater.

What is Salvio Hexia doing?

Salvio hexia is a protective spell that distracts the local witches.

What does the Everte state do?

Everte Statum is an enchantment spell that knocks the enemy back a few feet and, depending on the magic, causes short, sharp pain, but causes no permanent damage.

What is Confringo doing?

Explosive Curse (Confringo) is a curse that detonates the target. This curse is very dangerous and potentially fatal. This curse is also popular when it comes to duels. It can deal maximum damage, depending on the power behind the spell.

What is Serpensortia?

Serpensortia is the spell of a magical spell that detonates a large snake from the end of the wheel bar.

What is Alarte Ascendare doing?

Alarte Ascendare is the spell used to shoot an object into the air.

What is Sectumsempra doing?

Sectumsempra is a very dark curse that causes a cut (sectum = cut) that will never heal (sempra = forever). Harry used a dark curse on Malfoy (in the sixth film). When Snape managed to solve it, Harry used a deadly black spell.

What is Vipera Evanesca doing?

Vipera Evanesca is the spell of the spell that, when cast, causes a target snake to disappear in black smoke. As such, it can be used as a counterpart to produce snake sticks such as Serpensortia or Fire to destroy the enchanted or transformed snake.

What does Rictusempra mean?

Rictusempra is a curse that tries to eliminate a witch or wizard by tickling them.

What are Harry Potter spells?

Accio, wand! Riddikulus revealed the 10 most famous Harry Potter characters. Turn boring boggart from something creepy to something silly. Forget. The spell that Gilderoy Lockhart used to accidentally erase the very memory of him, the great buffalo. septum always. Avada Kedavra. Alohomora. Lighting. Expel. Wing of Leviosa.

What cat breed is McGonagall’s Animagus?

Tabby Cat

What color will Vermillious produce if successful?

Red Sparks What Did Professor Harry Mishear Left Say About Europe?

“Harry, you must have misunderstood Professor Sinistra,” said Hermione, “Europe is covered in ice, no rats!” Europe, as you may have guessed, is too cold for rats.

What does Revelio write?

The Revelio (Revelio) amulet is a pendant used to reveal hidden objects, messages, invisible objects and passages. It can also be used to reveal the true appearance of someone who has changed their appearance with a spell.

Where does Tarantallegra come from?

Full description [edit] Tarantallegra, dancing curse, causes seemingly uncontrollable jerks and twitches in the legs of the person it is thrown at. Of course it can be stopped by the Finite Incantatem spell. We only see this wand when it is thrown at Harry by Malfoy in the Duel Club.

Cistem Aperio