Circumstantial Evidence

Circumstantial Evidence,

Circumstantial Evidence: What is the Meaning of Circumstantial Evidence?

All evidence except eyewitness testimony. Evidence from which to draw conclusions. Examples include fingerprints such as documents, photographs and physical evidence.

Literal Meanings of Circumstantial Evidence


Meanings of Circumstantial:
  1. Indirectly pointing out someone's guilt, but proving it without conviction

  2. (Description) which includes all the details.

Sentences of Circumstantial
  1. Evidence of the claims will be based on bookies

  2. The image is impractical and therefore persuasive

Synonyms of Circumstantial

particular, inferential, inferred, minute, blow-by-blow, precise, presumed, deduced, particularized, indirect, detailed, conjectural


Meanings of Evidence:
  1. Be proof or show.

  2. A collection of available facts or information that indicates whether a belief or statement is true or false.

Sentences of Evidence
  1. It has been inhabited since ancient times and evidence of colonial buildings has been found

  2. The study found almost no evidence of indirect discrimination.

Synonyms of Evidence

confirmation, exhibit, signify, attestation, verification, affirmation, be evidence of, show, display, indicate, denote, documentation, corroboration, substantiation, reveal, evince, authentication, manifest, proof