Definition of Circulation:

  1. Average number of the copies of a publication distributed in a standard period such as day, week, or month.

  2. Movement to and fro or around something, especially that of fluid in a closed system.

  3. The public availability or knowledge of something.

Synonyms of Circulation

Rh factor, Rh-negative, Rh-positive, Rh-type, Rhesus factor, Advertisement, Airing, Angular momentum, Angular motion, Angular velocity, Announcement, Antibody, Antigen, Arterial blood, Axial motion, Bandying, Blood, Blood bank, Blood cell, Blood count, Blood donor, Blood donor center, Blood group, Blood grouping, Blood picture, Blood platelet, Blood pressure, Blood serum, Blood substitute, Bloodmobile, Bloodstream, Book, Bowling, Broadcast, Broadcasting, Bruiting, Bruiting about, Centrifugation, Circling, Circuit, Circuition, Circuitousness, Circuitry, Circularity, Circumambience, Circumambiency, Circumambulation, Circumflexion, Circumgyration, Circumlocution, Circummigration, Circumnavigation, Circumrotation, Circumvolution, Clinical dextran, Course, Demonetization, Devaluation, Deviance, Deviancy, Deviation, Deviousness, Dextran, Diffusion, Digression, Display, Dissemination, Distribution, Erythrocyte, Evulgation, Excursion, Excursus, Flow, Flowing, Full circle, Globulin, Gore, Grume, Gyration, Gyre, Gyring, Hematics, Hematologist, Hematology, Hematoscope, Hematoscopy, Hemocyte, Hemoglobin, Hemometer, Humor, Ichor, Indirection, Isoantibody, Issuance, Issue, Issuing, Leukocyte, Lifeblood, Meandering, Monetization, Motion, Neutrophil, Opsonin, Orbit, Orbiting, Passage, Periodical, Phagocyte, Pivoting, Plasma, Plasma substitute, Printing, Proclamation, Promulgation, Pronouncement, Propagation, Publication, Publishing, Red corpuscle, Reeling, Revaluation, Revolution, Roll, Rolling, Rotation, Rotational motion, Round, Roundaboutness, Rounding, Serum, Spin, Spinning, Spiral, Spiraling, Spread, Spreading, Spreading abroad, Swinging, Swirling, Swiveling, Telecasting, Transmission, Trolling, Trundling, Turbination, Turn, Turning, Type O, Venous blood, Ventilation, Volutation, Volution, Wheel, Wheeling, Whir, Whirl, Whirling, White corpuscle, Dissemination, Spreading, Communication, Transmission, Making known, Putting about, Flow, Motion, Movement, Course, Passage

How to use Circulation in a sentence?

  1. An extra pump for good water circulation.
  2. His music has achieved wide circulation.

Meaning of Circulation & Circulation Definition

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