Definition of Circuit:

  1. A roughly circular line, route, or movement that starts and finishes at the same place.

  2. Move all the way around (a place or thing).

  3. A complete and closed path around which a circulating electric current can flow.

  4. Electronic device that converts a given input into a desired output.

  5. An established itinerary of events or venues used for a particular activity, typically involving public performance.

  6. Electrical path between two points.

Synonyms of Circuit

Lap, Turn, Tour, Round, Circle, Orbit, Revolution, Loop, O, Air lane, Alentours, Ambages, Ambience, Ambit, Amplifier circuit, Annular muscle, Annulus, Arena, Areola, Arsis, Association, Astable circuit, Aureole, Back-to-back switching circuit, Bailiwick, Beat, Booking, Border, Borderland, Borderlands, Borscht circuit, Bound, Boundary, Bout, Break, Broken circuit, Bypass, Campaign, Chaplet, Circle, Circuital field, Circuiteer, Circuitry, Circulate, Circulation, Circumambiencies, Circumambulate, Circumbendibus, Circumference, Circumjacencies, Circummigrate, Circumnavigate, Circumstances, Circumvent, Circumvolution, Circus, Close the circle, Closed circle, Closed circuit, Coast-to-coast hookup, Come full circle, Compass, Complete circuit, Conference, Confines, Context, Corona, Coronet, Coupling circuit, Course, Crown, Cycle, Date, Dead circuit, Demesne, Department, Describe a circle, Detour, Deviation, Diadem, Diastole, Digression, Discus, Disk, Domain, Dominion, Downbeat, Edge, Encircle, Encompass, Engagement, Entourage, Environing circumstances, Environment, Environs, Equivalent circuit, Eternal return, Excursion, Expedition, Fairy ring, Field, Flank, Flight path, Flip-flop circuit, Full circle, Galvanic circuit, Garland, Gestalt, Girdle, Girdle the globe, Girth, Glory, Go about, Go around, Go round, Go the round, Grand tour, Gyration, Gyre, Habitat, Halo, Hemisphere, Hookup, Hot circuit, Itinerary, Jaunt, Journey, Judicial circuit, Junket, Jurisdiction, Lap, Lasso, Lateral circuit, Leg, Limit, Line, Live circuit, Logical circle, Loop, Looplet, Magic circle, Magnetic circuit, Make a circuit, March, Margin, Microcircuit, Milieu, Monostable circuit, Multiple circuit, Multiple series, Neighborhood, Net, Network, Nonsinusoidal circuit, Noose, Orb, Orbit, Outing, Outline, Outposts, Outskirts, Package tour, Pale, Path, Peregrination, Perimeter, Periphery, Pilgrimage, Playing engagement, Pleasure trip, Precinct, Precincts, Primrose path, Printed circuit, Progress, Province, Pulse, Purlieus, Radio links, Radius, Realm, Rectifier circuit, Revolution, Revolve, Ring, Road, Rondelle, Rotation, Round, Round trip, Roundabout, Roundabout way, Roundel, Rounds, Route, Rubberneck tour, Run, Safari, Sally, Saucer, Sea lane, Semiconductor circuit, Series, Series multiple, Shoot, Short, Short circuit, Shortcut, Situation, Skirt, Spell, Sphere, Sphincter, Spiral, Stalk, Stand, Suburbs, Surround, Surroundings, Systole, Thermionic tube circuit, Thesis, Total environment, Tour, Track, Trade route, Traject, Trajectory, Trajet, Transistor circuit, Travels, Trek, Trip, Turn, Upbeat, Vaudeville circuit, Vector field, Vicinage, Vicinity, Vicious circle, Voyage, Walk, Way, Wheel, Whirl, Wreath

How to use Circuit in a sentence?

  1. I ran a circuit of the village.
  2. The trains will follow the Northern line, circuiting the capital.
  3. The maximum number of light fittings on a circuit is twelve.
  4. The alternative cabaret circuit.

Meaning of Circuit & Circuit Definition

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