Cinderella Real Name

Cinderella Real Name

What is Cinderella's real name? 3

Isn't your real name in Cinderella really Cinderella? If not, what is your real name?


Didn't your sister-in-law call her Cinderella because she fell asleep while studying in the neighborhood and woke up in the ashes?

Cinderella's name

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The story is written orally by a French narrator. I don't know what it was called in French spoken centuries ago, but I studied French in school and I know that the word cendrillon in French today is cendrillon (saandriyon). I received this form from a French-language oral broadcast site without mentioning his real name: when he had finished his work, he went to the corner of the chimney and sat there between the ashes and the ashes. Which earned him the nickname Cinder. Only her younger sister, who was not as rude and disrespectful as her older sister, called her Cinderella. By the way, as others have mentioned, in the oral tradition, sandalwood was a squirrel r because at that time the word squirrel r was different, the word gl is not confused with glass.

Cinderella Real Name

Cinderella Real Name

There are many versions.

French Cinderella

Etienne Rudoffs

Ye Xian

Indonesia ND Fernandez

Daniel English

A Ch ... "I ... hihi"

Korean Kangji

They called her Cinderella because as a servant she was covered in ashes or ashes.

What is your name?

In the Brother Graham version, it never has a first name. Her stepmother and step-sisters called her Cinderella just because she needed to clean up the mess and add a feminine touch to the ashes.

Her real name is Ella. Her half-sisters called her Cinderella because she was sitting next to them and had ashes on her clothes, hair and belongings.

Another popular version, called ND Tecloban or ND Tecloban, was recorded in the 19th century by Jacob and Wilhelm Graham. The fairy tale is called Cinderella.

It really depends on which version you have in mind ... there is more than one book ...

She was sitting by the ashes, chanting her nickname Cinderella.

Cinderella Real Name

Cinderella Real Name

Her name was Ella, but because she had cleared the ashes of the place, they called her Cinderella.

Cinderella Real Name