Cif Value

Cif Value,

What Does Cif Value Mean?

  1. The cost of imported goods includes cost, insurance and shipping.

Literal Meanings of Cif Value


Meanings of Cif:
  1. Fees, insurance, shipping (included in the price)


Meanings of Value:
  1. Monetary value (some)

  2. See (something else) important or helpful that you really value.

  3. Consider that something deserves meaning, value or usefulness.

  4. A person's principles or behaviors determine what is important in life.

  5. A numerical quantity, expressed by algebraic expression, quantity, quantity or number.

Sentences of Value
  1. Its estimated value. 45,000

  2. He began to respect your privacy and freedom.

  3. Rhythmic values ​​are quarter notes, eighth notes, and quarter notes, and the first syllabus uses only the middle finger pattern.

  4. In both cases, the reference to the order depends on its previous use and the price as a word.

  5. As the landscape unfolds, the artist uses neighboring color values

Synonyms of Value

code of behaviour, treasured, gain, cost out, prized, estimate, assay, dear, use, standards, service, cherished, profit, evaluate, usefulness, help, set a price on, moral principles, avail, appraise, importance, ethics, sense, favourite, helpfulness, morals