Cidade Dorme Jogo

Cidade Dorme Jogo

How does ■■■■■ Joke or Sleeping City behave? 3

What do you call ■■■■■ or Sleeping City Play, group play is divided into groups of people like Mafio, Citizens, Angels / Nurses, Detectives? Are you anchored according to your principle?

Preparing for the game.

It is recommended that at least 10 players play. For players, decisions about the game and the role of the judge are not effectively part of the game. Or organize a selection of players before the game starts and it's up to them to take care of the game dynamics.

How to play

Characters must first be drawn between the players. In a game with 10 players (no counting or judges), there will be delegates, an angel, three Inos and five cities.

Alternatively, the judge may divide your parents into other players. Very attentively and quietly when all the players date Kim Chelsea and OL, or the judge touches Chelsea's two players and then announces that something is going to happen. It is important that each person's personality is different.

Once everyone knows what role they will play, start or play, by order of the judge. Or the judge will call one of the other two players who manages the names of the hairs of their characters, they should have sponsorship and date, which I request, be the first tool that the judge gives hair. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Fell down

At each shot below or judge Fala, after this specified rotation:

1.) The judge says: City Dome, all data OL.

2nd) The judge says: Inos, accordion and players who receive papers from Inos Ols and acknowledge that they are open. Then the judge says: Lo, go to sleep, and they're back on OLS history.

3rd) The judge says: Angel, get up and after seeing who the angel is ©, word: angel, sleeping.

4.) Hakim said: Chief, I agree, you also know, and then: Chief, go to sleep.

5.) The judge says: Inos, Akkord and choose a person to kill. Then some ■■■■ raised their heads and opened their instruments and signaled to the man to die. Now or the judge speaks: inos, sleep. So Enos gives the ols dates and puts his peppers down.

6.) The judge is saying: Angel, get up and choose a person to save. Of course, or the angel does not know how to burn us, so he will try to guess who burned the victim's faith. Then he raised his head and opened the OL and pointed the man towards the storage. The judge says: Angel, go to sleep, then date the angel Olus and lower your pepper.

7) The judge says: Assign according to whom you want to interrogate. So the delegation raised its head and opened the OL and motioned for the man to be interrogated. If the judge signs it, he is a good person because he is an angel or a citizen, but if the judge signs it, he is a bad person because he is an ino. The judge says: Sleep delegation. Then Marshall dates OL and bows his head.

8th) The judge says: The city rises, and let's all open. Or the judge says something that dies, and that person leaves the game.

After this animation, the players discuss with each other what the other is (we can't stop arguing). Last year I wanted to control every lap, but someone wanted to end the game.

Another arrival is filmed because, as before, I add that all the citizens are ■■■■ or all the places have been taken away in an hour. Victory or group (good or bad) must be eliminated or someone else first.

The name of the change

Sedad also slept with me like a crowd. The name Os used for the game character can be different for each person like other stories and games. As non-supervisors, it remains the same. Or the sheriff can be a sheriff or a spy. Angel can also be a healing chao. Enos could be the ■■■■■ or ■■■■■ Chaos, and / or the Judge Guidebook or God.

Change in character

In the game you only have a few extra characters moving around but are slow, like:

Uh psycho = he agrees with the other two Inos, goodbye hair judge, and friend, doorman, another victim who could be up to Ino and vice versa. It will be neither good nor bad but I could guess.

Client's lawyer = Em In the second order, against the prinl (which remains the same), © © or the lawyer decides to burn and burn  © or the client assumes that both children show their ID cards / letters You eat everyone (note they can be anyone but a judge). Well, 1 shot, or the judge should call to acknowledge both. His name has a good purpose: at the end of each shot, not to discuss and vote for the skipper, or to defend or defend the client so that he is not selected. The case or client is dismissed or accepted as a punishment for failing to remove or be able to retain your game client. Already, the lawyer dies in front of the client or disappears, or the client allows himself to become a client.

Different players are playing games.

Cidade Dorme oriou is the lover version of O Senr dos Ané from The County Sleeps.

The question is whether the game is the same, whether two people are playing or not. Use the name Arrow to judge, the creator, not the Tolkien universe. Orc for angel Maya, use for a deity and delegate, use ranger or guardian The Citizens are the bts, the hatants of the Shire

And © this


Cidade Dorme Jogo