Ciccio Meaning

Ciccio Meaning

Can anyone translate ciccio ...? (,)? 3

Translate into English.

what is the meaning of this?

Thank you very much. (,)

I am updating it (Sunday, March 4) because today I asked a group of Italian friends in Florence about this word and they insisted that it means only friend or good friend and / or fat friend. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. . They also insist that it has no negative meaning or connotation, it is a kind of love and compassion. I find it difficult to translate literally into English because people don't usually wave O's or waves in English out of love for everyone. I think it has to do with its source.

Italian friends tell me it also means meat, but depending on where it comes from, it may not be pretty (as another interviewer pointed out). For example, a man from Florence told me he would never use the word to describe anything, but it is more common in the industry. I think Italian can be called scol s ciccia or ciccio, which means soing, which is related to it in English.

The famous butcher Dario owns a restaurant in Panzano called Solo Ciccia, which means only meat.


In fact, it does not have the correct English translation. Sometimes used as an acronym for Francisco. Otherwise it is used as a common nickname in a charming and non-satirical way. For example, Felt ciccio ... will be translated as satire. Listen to my partner ... n or in the sense of fun, it is a familiar name for a friend or acquaintance. I have two friends, a partner, who use ciccio (male sex) and ciccia (female sex) as animal names for each other.

Ciccio is a nickname for Francisco or can be used for a heavy person.

Ciccio = short for Francisco, in Italian,

Ciao dallITALY !!!!!!

ciccio means fat, but in a good way, like a mixture of fat and friend. I grew up in Italy and someone mentioned a doll called ciccio bello, which literally means fat and beautiful. This is what we call our son because he looks like a doll !!! Also, I've never heard of it being used on Francisco, I've heard of Chicco, Checco and Cisco.

Ciccio Meaning