When there is a mother nearby and, what is mine? And he answered XURISSO. Where is XURISSO? ۔

Criço neither Xurisso nor Churizo nor Curisso. Tambo is not an edge, but it is impossible. Â Only someone created around. One !!!! ...

UR CURIàor one who writes poetry with PURPLE.

Without dictionary ©:

A piece of tripod filled with meat and fat or pork and flour over time, and dried by hand.

Also m chao de salpicà £ o and paio.


A long, cylindrical bag filled with sand or sawdust to cover cracks in upper doors or windows.

Hair roller


Also, poems from BY ISSO, with engineering, and other IOS, as well as m IS.

But when in doubt, I replied that it was an interesting day.

When I was a kid, I lived nearby and my mom always gave the same answer. She CURIO.

Curio - Rich pepper, salt and other spices equivalent to Moresella or Ciaca or pork Ideal for CPP tracking

Curiosity, pseudo or aurelio: Pork sausage, the filling of which is mixed with blood and is safe, and the delicacy of pork, spices and sugar. .

Find out the true meaning of the word, your mother's way of speaking and speaking out.

When you visit something that is not in your ears, she responds:

Curiosity is a type of sausage made with pork blood and many times. Raw or fried, cut with toboggan. Very tasty. Or I use the old word and have to do poetry if you don't know the answer or don't want to say it.

Bruna / SP, Cresso.

Your mother says fairy poetry. Just don't say that .. not your account fil my file