Church Of Scientology Mailing List

Church Of Scientology Mailing List

Why are you telling the Church of Scientology to stop emailing you? Was I busy with them years ago? ۔

(I know myself) And now I get spam from them almost every day! Not just a quarter, usually 2-3 days in 6-7 different places. I called for months and they decided to stop sending me their ads and spam. Today someone called me for personal information (about my life! When I told him I didn't want to provide any personal information, he said he didn't think my name was taken.) I kept asking. Will he still do it, regardless of his personal feelings, and he helped me. Scientology cult is limitless! Never give your address for any reason! Will do


Fluffy thanks for the info! I've been forwarding your email for months, but it keeps coming back. Obviously, they are not about spending money on returns. (Contrary to your reluctance to pay by post.) Sometimes I keep envelopes without a stamp and send junk mail back there. They no longer use the phone because they feel uncomfortable. I realized he had lied on the last call. The hanger took me away. Because, all the time, that's why I go. Mailbox is a good idea! I may also consider requesting a stop and stop statement from the post. Thanks for your reply !!

When I believe I've seen someone else, it worked. He went to the mail and filed a complaint under the Federal Garbage / Legal Materials Act. The Post sent a notification to the CofS Center that they could no longer write to this person. We had to leave his address card, which meant he was still there, but it was never contacted.

So, I have the opportunity to open a purchase order. Box near your workplace. When I don't need it anymore, I turn it off and leave no forwarding address. I have creditors, correspondents, and so on. At my address, but I haven't returned them yet. Well, it hurts, but it will work.

The member you are talking to does not have permission to remove you from the mailing list. Unfortunately, more severe treatment is needed.

With pneumatic numbers, you can block certain numbers if the pneumatic service sometimes allows it.

Scientology mailing list.

Church Of Scientology Mailing List