Chronological Stabilization Plans

Chronological Stabilization Plans,

Chronological Stabilization Plans: What is the Meaning of Chronological Stabilization Plans?

Synonyms see significant term risk reduction

Literal Meanings of Chronological Stabilization Plans


Meanings of Chronological:
  1. (From recorded programs) begins with the oldest and the order in which they are presented.

Sentences of Chronological
  1. Entries by date

Synonyms of Chronological

ordered, consecutive, serial, in order, in order of time, sequential, progressive, in sequence


Meanings of Stabilization:
  1. The process of making something physically safer or more stable.

Sentences of Stabilization
  1. A derelict building needs some structural stability


Meanings of Plans:
  1. Make decisions and take the necessary steps in advance.

Sentences of Plans
  1. He had planned the garden from the beginning

Synonyms of Plans

make a map of, schedule, method, object, outline, system, idea, project, aspiration, scheme, proposal, contrive, chalk out, map out, formulate, draw up a layout of, aim, draft, line up, stratagem, ambition, intention