Chronic Condition

Chronic Condition,

What is The Meaning of Chronic Condition?

Meaning of Chronic Condition: A condition that persists for a long time or is recurrent.

Literal Meanings of Chronic Condition


Meanings of Chronic:
  1. (Illness) Prolonged or recurrent

Sentences of Chronic
  1. Deadly TB

Synonyms of Chronic

persistent, long-term, long-standing, constantly recurring


Meanings of Condition:
  1. Achieve or determine an important influence (shape or result of something)

  2. Bring (something) to use in the desired condition.

  3. Apply conditioner to (hair)

  4. Set a condition before (something) happens or before it happens.

  5. The condition of an object in terms of appearance, quality or operational condition.

  6. A condition that must exist or be possible or allowed before anything else.

Sentences of Condition
  1. National elections are subject to the international political economy.

  2. I style my hair regularly

  3. Wiring in good condition

  4. For a member to borrow money, three conditions must be met:

Synonyms of Condition

acclimatize, ready, get something into shape, provision, treat, prime, build up, season, order, constraint, prerequisite, adapt, shape, rule, precondition, temper, proviso, stipulation, requirement, improve, acclimate