Christmas Gifts For Adults With Down Syndrome

Christmas Gifts For Adults With Down Syndrome

What Can You Recover From Back Syndrome At Christmas? 3

My husband has a 39 year old cousin. She has back syndrome and her mentality is 5 year old girl. I don't know what to get for Christmas. Help!

Give him DVD movies suitable for each family member.

With portable CD player with multiple CDs?

Just because you have a 5-year-old's cognitive abilities doesn't mean you need to have items specifically designed for children. He is one Get things done.

Enamel, soap, clothing, music, film, etc ...

With a small microwave popcorn basket, grandson, microfiber blanket and chocolate?

Jewelry, watches (you may not know the time, but it will look like this), bathrobes, socks, slippers, ...

He will love you for everything.

Only store gifts according to their age.

Give Gift Syndrome

Remember that he is still a human being and he still needs ordinary things. She would love to get just one Christmas present ... I have cousins ​​behind me and my family usually send Cologne or something.

Maybe you love Perme, and it's not a designer thing, an old-fashioned perfume works ... soaps and sprays. In it, so you have different things to choose from.

He helped me! Remember to buy products that have a practical purpose that you can use every day if you want.

Hmmm ... I'll dig deeper into your area of ​​interest. For example, I have a neighbor who has Dow syndrome who loves basketball ... find out what he likes and move on.

PS Just because you have Dow Syndrome doesn't mean you're going to love every Disney movie!

I am a nurse with a mental disability and I have been working with people with spinal syndrome since I was 14 years old. Our women like to receive things, their favorite things are usually hairbrushes, plush toys, accessories and jewelry, make-up and baskets of things that all women like, such as bubble bath etc. To avoid irritation :)

My problem is that these are the best gifts when you look at what makes them work the most. My sister loves flags, Christmas hats and Disney movies.

Christmas Gifts For Adults With Down Syndrome

Christmas Gifts For Adults With Down Syndrome

I was the best president in my school and liked some kids.

Everyone likes

no! (The best games are easy to learn and extremely easy to play)

In confusion

Coloring book


Bowling game

Handmade painting


It's really about interest

Some only in cl

I like football

Like others

Disney Channel

We really like rap.

While we like to play car racing.

Just talk to him and find out what he likes.

The best I can think of.

Another puzzle

Puzzles that are from kindergarten or 24 pieces.

Buy it for the best care of your child.


Any Disney movie DVD

When in doubt, donate money, 1,520 will appeal to most people.

Christmas Gifts For Adults With Down Syndrome