Chotto Matte Meaning

Chotto Matte Meaning

What does the word cto matayo mean is another word, can you translate it?

Do you mean Cto Matteyo? Because that means, please wait a moment.

Cactus Mate U.

CTO Matt U.

There is basically an informal version of it

C tattoo in meticodasai

ctto [à £ ¡à £ Â, ¨ ¨] means some time

Companion [à £ ¾à £££  (or کان £££ میں in kanji)] is a form of the word matsu [à £ £ ¤] which means: to expect

So that means waiting a bit

I'm trying to [£ £ Â, ˆ] security / claim or something.

I live in one, but I don't understand the word at all ...

Chotto Matte Meaning