Choose the Right Double Glazing Option for Your Home

There are different kinds of doors and windows as well as finishes and materials available that make it really difficult to choose the right option for your home. Whether it is sash to bay windows or sliding to French doors, there are certain key differences between each of them that will enable you to select the best one for your need. You may hire expert double glazing repair in Essex and solve all your glazing problems with much comfort and convenience. This blogpost will explain about the types of products so that you can get an idea of the cost associated with them.

Double glazed window types

Casement windows – These windows are generally attached to the frame with either one or more hinges that allows opening at the side. They can be hinged at the top or bottom so that it is easy to ‘tilt and turn’ windows. Casement are open inwards which makes them quite convenient for cleaning purpose. Casement windows are often uPVC, but made of aluminum and timber. Many companies provide different color options. Flush casement windows are quite similar though they sit close to the frame and are in line with them.

Sash windows – These can be opened by lifting a window pane and its frame either up or down. You may install single-hung windows where only one pane moves at the bottom, while the other is static double-hung windows where both the panes can be moved, one up and the other down. You may even opt for tilt-and-turn versions that are available of different finishes and materials. They are definitely a great way to add a traditional or an authentic feel to your property. The modern sash windows offer the same double glazing technology like other windows.

Bay windows – These windows stick out from a house by sitting in a curved manner that provides extra flooring space or as protruding window bay that has deep sill. They have three or more windows, and you may have any kind, finish or material. They offer additional space to your house and the two side windows allow more light to enter your house so that you can have panoramic views.

  • Tilt and turn windows – The casement windows come with a tilt-and-turn hinge that may be tilted open. Different designs enable you to open windows at various degrees. They generally open slightly so that they can be left however, some may tilt up to 90 degrees. They are locked partially open and hence, a secure way to let fresh air enter your home. Some non-tilt and turn windows can be locked in a closed position for security reasons.

  • UPVC windows – The common type of window frame for double-glazed windows is uPVC or unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. This is almost three times inexpensive when compared to the traditional wooden frames, however it is recyclable, durable and the most energy-efficient kind of frame. uPVC door and window frames can be found in different finishes and colors like wood, though they are generally white. uPVC can be cleaned easily that require more than one wipe by using a soft cloth and a spot for washing-up liquid.

  • Wooden/timber windows – Timber is a greener material when compared to uPVC as it is renewable. Many people believe wooden windows look better and more subtle than uPVC for the traditional properties. Though timber windows are more expensive and require proper maintenance, they are meant to last for a long time if looked properly.

  • Aluminium windows – Aluminium is a durable material and its windows require less maintenance. It is quite lighter in comparison to other materials and provide a modern as well as sleek appearance. Though aluminium windows are metal or grey in colour, many manufacturers provide different options.

What kind of double glazed doors should you choose?

Double-glazed doors are a suitable choice to let light enter your house.

Double glazed door types

  • Patio sliding doors – Patio sliding doors, also called sliding doors or patio doors, are glass doors that usually slide open. When one moves, the other remains static and you can have both sliding. Sliding doors can be aluminium or uPVC and are available in different colors and finishes.

  • French doors – Also known as ‘French windows’, these glass doors remain open like casement windows. Though both can open easily, you may select to have one open at a time and keep the other closed. Unlike aluminium and uPVC, French doors are available in wood, too with several finishes available. You may use ‘stays’ that ensures the door will be open and does not or slam shut while the wind blows.

  • Bi-fold doors – These are a set of two or more glass doors that generally fold back onto each other in a concertina. With such kinds of doors, you do not require anything for keeping them open as they will stay automatically where you open them. They are found in aluminium and uPVC and different colours.

Should you purchase triple-glazed windows?

Triple-glazed windows consist of a third glass pane so that they can make your home warmer and sound-proof than double-glazed option. Some companies use different kinds of gas between the window panes to avoid heat loss and Low-E glass for reflecting sunlight inside. Triple glazing is an expensive option than double glazed.

What is secondary glazing?

Secondary glazing includes fitting a second layer of glass inside the present windows. It is not that effective like full double glazing, however it could still save some money on the heating bills and is quite inexpensive to install. It can be a great alternative for houses that cannot provide double glazing option.

Where should you purchase double glazing?

There are different ways where you can buy double glazing. You may either select a well-known double glazing company like Anglian, Everest and Safestyle or get it installed from reputed double glazing professional in your area. If you are constructing a new house or having an extension, you may take the help of an independent builder you coordinate for your project.

Thus, you need to find a reputed glazing company in Essex where the professionals can help with all your glazing needs in the best possible way.