Chocadeira Caseira

Chocadeira Caseira

Will the chair be delivered from home? ۔

Hello people accepted as gilded egg but I don't have any CCA chicken and I tried to improve a chair, with a sling I put a wire rack on NDO and address 40 Another thermostat with the number D thermostat and the lack of another thermostat, the temperature is between 35.8-39ºg, will it be safe when I'm at home I try to keep two 38º or higher Will the eggs be so sensitive that the temperature has changed?

First of all, it depends on how many days the eggs are. About 10 days, no guesswork. Then there are Dependerás and Galados. 35.8 low C at low temperature, more than 40 ° C. An industrial fan type chair that maintains a constant temperature and rotates around 37.7 C. When heated without a fan, the temperature is around 39 ° C. Make a hole in the lid of the chair and place a strong lamp, it is very cold area, or keep it during the day and close to 60w per night. The case is too small, like not opening the roof. Rest assured, you are on a date. Humidity is also very important, ie early. It should be around 50 to 60 percent without a start and between 60 and 70 percent not in the last 3 days, but if you can play your eggs.

See my first answer to making chair art in someone else.

It develops or develops like an egg with the fetus, which teaches us other answers as well.

Building an egg incubator requires some interesting experience, the risk of economic loss. Estimate that for every egg hatched, a toxin released in an industrial hatchery contains 86% to 88% alcohol.

With hand tools, taxes fell between 82 and 84. If the host is the first author, or the index drops by 70%.

IM, © Strict precision control of minerals such as temperature, humidity, ventilation or turning and two eggs.

So it's not easy.

I want to tamper with this site with some information:

I'm going to lose your ball. Mailer get chicken for a kilo.

Chocadeira Caseira