Hello..can I know what chlorazepam is? Does it affect men and side effects? 3

Tried searching but couldn't find.

It's a benzodiazepine (if my pharmacology wasn't so rusty anymore).

It is like diazepam etc.

Do this according to the essence and diet:

anxiolytic (reduces anxiety)

Muscle relaxant


And can be used with general anesthesia.

But am I helping?

If you have side effects, you should check out their list. Here are some great ideas: 1. Exercises that increase your heart rate, walking, jogging, swimming and swimming. 2. Eat wheat, ice cream such as: broccoli, cabbage, rice ice cream, spinach, sugar, apples and other fruits and vegetables in their natural state. 3. Avoid eating corn, bread, rice, candy, soda, chips, and anything else you already know you shouldn't eat. 4. Drink clean water as a cold drink. Avoid fruit juices and juices (unless you make them yourself) 5. Quit smoking, drink alcohol and coffee. 6. Sleep 8 hours per hour. 7. Hang out with people who want to stay healthy. 8. Avoid anything that is high in fructose corn syrup. Build your muscles: 1. Join a gym and get a trainer. 2. If you are careful about money, choose light exercise and yoga. 3. Do light bell-shaped crunches and curls up and down. 4. As I said, walk, run, swim or do 5. Exercise, yoga or other gym classes. 6. Join the local YMCA. Mental Health: 1. To tell a friend how they feel every day. 2. If you have money or insurance, ask a consultant to discuss the matter. 3. Learn to meditate. 4. Join the support group for your problem. 5. Ask your higher self for guidance. 6. Keep a journal or journal of your feelings and emotions. 7. Write a list of "degrees" every hour. 8. Do things every day that make you happy, like listening to your favorite music, drawing, painting, writing or something creative. 9. Work for others who need help.


This is one of the best anti-anxiety drugs for the palm family, which is somewhat similar but very predictable with extreme mood swings. Can also be used for insomnia. Do I like alternatives? Take about 2.5mg per 6oz and the palate may break around you and you won't mind, you have to love it!

You may think that Clonazepam, also known as Clonazepam, is mainly used for anxiety and sometimes insomnia.