Chismosa In English

Chismosa In English

What is the English term Chismosa?

potins) chismosa (also: chismoso, cotilla, hocicón, hocicona) gossip {noun} (person)Also, what does Cheesemosa mean?

chismosa chismosa. Adjective. Gossip with scandals. Gossip. Collins Complete Spanish electronic dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers 2011.

What are there in addition to the aforementioned schisms?

schism. chis · moi plural singular masculine noun: chismes. Translate chismus into English: gossip, buzz, gossip, drops. Spanish synonyms of chism: chismes, habladera, habladurías, chismería, chismografía, chismorreo, comadreo. Define the meaning of the chisma: Hecho de chismorrear.

Likewise, we ask ourselves what does metiche mean in English?

Survey. The word Metiche comes from Nahuatl, not Latin or Castellan, which is why it doesn’t exist in many dictionaries. Metiche means to be curious, to interfere in the lives of others, to invent other things.

What is the synonym for curious?

Adjective. 1 had to whisper in order not to be overheard by his nosy neighbors. SYNONYMS. nosy person, nosy, nosy, busy, curious, spy, listener, intrusive. occasional hiccups, sniffing.

What is a chamba?

chamba f (plural chambas) (Spain) coincidence. (Spain) Dig, dig. (Spain) deep scar (compared to a ditch).

What is sangrona in English?

san · grón Both genders singular noun. Translate sangrón into Dutch: neck pain, annoying person, dragging, parasites, discomfort.

What is a chismose?

A chismose is someone who claps, and 99% of the time your grandmother or aunt is. But it goes further.

What is a cochineal?

: dirty, dirty, dirty. 2. known: lazy, miserable.

What does Chimosa mean?

What is a chiflada?

The MerriamWebster dictionary says: 1) the adjective means crazy, crazy 2) the name means crazy, crazy. Both are right, but not quite. Chiflado as a noun or adjective means spoiled for me.

What is juicy gossip?

Chismosa In English