Chiquita Meaning

Chiquita Meaning

Is my name Chiquita? what does it mean?

Chekita can be cute for a girl or cute for a woman. Example My little girl, my daughter, size doesn't matter

Grass Cheekita means girl or banana cake

But don't miss the word, and since you're wondering what the word means, I doubt you know enough Spanish to understand it, which means it probably just means:

Hello girl

Chekita means translation, but in Spanish, if you call someone chekita, it can also mean young. But not in a bad way. Take the young woman they call you. Haha .. Latinos are sometimes open and very loving =)

Chekita refers to a young girl or you can call some girls. There is nothing. People we are friends use this term.

She is a perfect girl and Chekita is a girl with Eta (cutie).

It's like saying: Hey!

Chiquita Meaning