Chipmunk In Spanish

Chipmunk In Spanish

Spanish speakers: Squirrel vs. Squirrel. ۔

According to the dictionary, squirrels and squirrels are squirrels. this is true? Do you make a difference

Does Gerbil also mean Gerboise and Gerl? What is the difference between gerbil and gerbil?

Can leopard or cheetah also mean leopard? what is the difference?

And there seem to be many definitions of potato: mother, oza, owl. The dictionary tells me the difference, but which one is usually used to describe the potato in the wild?

I am currently learning Spanish and today I am learning animal names. I just need to explain that the dictionary doesn't help much. Thank you very much.

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If you answer one of my questions, we will appreciate it.

Squirrels are squirrels. Registered with Medium because, unlike normal squirrels, squirrels carry them on their backs.

Squirrel = Squirrel

Squirrel Squirrel

Gerl = gerbil or gerbil (both accepted)

Cheetah = Cheetah or Cheetah (both accepted)

Mother = owl

uza = warehouse owl

Tecolot = mainly used in Mexico.

Gerl in Spanish

The squirrel will be friendly. The squirrel will win the battle.

Chipmunk In Spanish