Chinese Open On Monday

Chinese Open On Monday

Why are British food stalls closed on Mondays? 3

I always ask myself this!

One cannot have one foot!

This result is often a family business. Are you sure you can't expect someone to work 24/7?

This weekend's dinner is usually the quietest for any restaurant and is served regardless of the meal. So why not take a day off on Monday? Very easy! =)

I think Monday is a religious day that closes for us on Tuesdays like our Sundays, taking advantage of the fact that everyone closes on Mondays!

They choose only what they consider to be the quietest day of the week in terms of sales and use it as their holiday. Wherever he lives, we have 3 meals to go further! One closes on Monday, another on Tuesday and another on Thursday !! If a room opens, it will probably close on Wednesday! (Friday is Saturday and there are a lot of people there !!)

Wow, no Monday, it's a religious day.

They hate Monday as much as anyone else.

I'm guessing their food won't be wasted another day, so be kind to everyone.


However, the weekend is crowded and good for business, so it doesn't close. They will probably choose a day with less business = less loss for the holiday.

I would like to say that you are concerned about business.


Probably a factor as to why they're doing so poorly on Saturdays. Beauty salon too. Closing expenses on Sundays and Mondays as weekends.

They are probably open on weekends, so you should book a day. Maybe Monday is not a busy day for you?

Chinese Open On Monday