Definition of Chilling:

  1. Preservation method in which raw or processed food is cooled to a temperature between zero degree and five degree Celsius (0°C-5°C). Chilling retards spoilage and prevents food poisoning by slowing the growth of microbes (present in all food) during storage.

  2. Horrifying or frightening.

Synonyms of Chilling

Ache, Aching, Adiabatic absorption, Adiabatic demagnetization, Adiabatic expansion, Air conditioning, Air cooling, Alarming, Algific, Awing, Blast freezing, Blast-freezing, Chilblains, Chill, Chilliness, Cold creeps, Cold shivers, Congealing, Congealment, Congelation, Cooling, Creeps, Cryogenics, Cryopathy, Daunting, Deep freezing, Dehydrofreezing, Deterrent, Deterring, Disconcerting, Discouraging, Disheartening, Dismaying, Disquieting, Dithers, Duck bumps, Electric refrigeration, Fear-inspiring, Fearful, Fearsome, Food freezing, Freezable, Freezing, Frightening, Frightful, Frigorific, Frostbite, Gas refrigeration, Glaciable, Glaciation, Glacification, Goose bumps, Goose pimples, Gooseflesh, Horripilation, Infrigidation, Kibe, Mechanical refrigeration, Overawing, Quick freezing, Quick-freezing, Reduction of temperature, Refreezing, Refrigerant, Refrigeration, Refrigerative, Refrigeratory, Regelation, Scaring, Scary, Sharp freezing, Sharp-freezing, Shivering, Shivers, Startling, Super-cooling

Meaning of Chilling & Chilling Definition